Essay on Lord of The Flies


    Lord of the flies is one of the most famous pieces of world literature in general and books written by William Golding in particular. It is a good idea to write a Lord of the flies symbolism essay, lords of the flies allegory essay, lord of the flies leadership essay or lord of the flies savagery essay.

    The difficulty of the novel is all about its allegorical content. Far from everybody is able to get the point, to begin with. Secondly, to think it over and to write an essay upon it makes it even harder. There are a few characters just like in any other novel each of whom is a representation of some idea. There are savagery and civilization and the novel opens up a spectrum between them.

    For example, Ralph is a representation of order because he wishes for order in a society. While Piggy is a representation of intellectual and scientific aspects of civilization. Jack is a representation of uncontrolled desire to have power and to dominate. Then Roger who is a representation of violence in its purest way.

    For your choice if, of course, you were not assigned to write on something in particular, you might write a compare and contrast essay comparing and contrasting mentioned above Ralph and the other character named Simon. They both are motivated to believe in good things within the society they live in.

     Also, you may pick to write upon how Jack uses the beast in order to control other guys. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to writing an essay on a literary work. One may start with a brief biography of the novel`s author or what was the inspiration to write this novel, the background, its history. Then to move on to the main characters and their meaning for the story lines. There is always a few story lines across a novel.

     To conclude, and there has to be a conclusion let alone body paragraph and introduction, one may write on the lessons the author was trying to give in order for his readers to accept them and implement into their live situations if possible. If to speak about Golding in particular, he brings in some depth to the structure and gives a complex moral lesson.