Why It Is Important To Be A Patriot


    Our previous article was about juvenile justice. Once you were assigned to write an essay on patriotism, you have a chance to share what you think of patriotism, describe what it means to you and whether you belong to this category of people. Patriotism essay is a good chance to show your writing skills let alone your position towards the country you live in.

     So, what patriotism means to you? You may start with a definition of it writing your essay. It is clear that those who love their land are patriots, who are devoted to its people and its heritage, which was created through centuries and was saved despite wars and cataclysms. 

     There are not many people in this world who would literally die for their motherland, who to the slightest degree are ready to sacrifice for the sake of their country and its people. Patriotic essays are able to set a fire of patriotism within one`s chest and if you are to write an essay on patriotism, it is your duty of sorts to provide with some good arguments on why it is important to love one`s country.

     Whether a person is a patriot or not is obvious from a young age. It is a matter of upbringing. Some people live with the feeling of patriotism brought up within them in a classical way. Classical way is different from a notion given in a vocabulary. In the war against Napoleon, patriots were dying for Russia; millions of patriots have died during The Great Patriotic War. All of them were ready for the acts of bravery for the sake of their native land.

     Unfortunately, patriotism nowadays is interpreted in a wrong way. We can observe the groups of skinheads on the streets who are being deeply assured they are right beat not guilty melon sellers. “Russia is for Russians!” “Let us clean Russia from black people!” they shout. It concerns not Russia only but all the other countries. It is surely good of people to want for the bigger percentage of the population of the country they live in were its native speakers but it does not mean that all the others must suffer.

     There are plenty of methods and violence is the worst of them. Lie sets the teeth on edge. This is why it is always sad when they lace a cross on their shoes. This is how they mark another person they killed saying they are patriots along with that. Our writers, just so you knew, are happy to aprovide with assistance!

     Let us look at the other side of the problem. Russian-American matter. Who knows, maybe those are the vestiges of the cold war, but people keep pay extra attention to the pictures of other countries` flags on the clothes. They give that kind of look and/or comment you do not want to be given. They do not care about how nice and comfortable the clothes may be. No, their eyes are covered with fanaticism.

     Russian-American space race. Russia, for instance, wins next heat. It is something to be proud of. It does not mean though that it is time to hate Americans and ew them all. It goes without saying that Americans themselves are very much fanatic in their patriotism. It is something to take an example of. There are few people only who would cry hearing the sounds of the national anthem of a country. Who would at least feel goosebumps if no crying. There are plenty of them in the United States of America. One should seek for drawbacks in oneself in the first place instead of doing it towards others. It is a bad idea to criticize and hate others but to become better. To become a patriot is moving to the better oneself. Our service is your key to a successful writing!