The Problem of Macbeth


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     The play is inspired on the story about Scottish king who suffered from enormous desire of having power. Macbeth is a general who strives for power just as well. He kills and feels paranoia afterwards. There are many movies shot based on the play. The tragedy is known worldwide. This play is considered to be one of the most famous works written by Shakespeare. Like already has been said, it was put to movies and plays by other playwrights.

      Shakespeare was English man therefore Macbeth is a typical English story. Macbeth the king was an exemplary leader. The years he ruled the country are called fertile seasons. This metaphor meant that people did not suffer from hunger back to the time when he was ruling the country. A pleiad of English historians and politicians believe that genius William Shakespeare besmirched the name of a great king groundlessly.

      The name of Macbeth the king has become a symbol of unhappiness and religious prejudices. There were attempts to take off him the stain of a murderer. There were also attempts to name a year after Macbeth. Some people firmly believe that the understanding of the king put in by Shakespeare is rather wrong, that he was not an ambitious cruel tyrant who was henpecked. The real king was not a murderer and was not henpecked at all but a wise ruler of Scotland of XI century. By the way, he did all he could in order for Christianity to spread. Shakespearean interpretation of Macbeth is a first water work of fiction no more, says Daily Telegraph.   

      English historians believe that the story written by Shakespeare was actually made up by Scottish singers. It was done in order to cast an imputation on character and the following generations of his. It is considered to be for Shakespeare to write the play in order to flatter the current king Jacob ruling the country back then who was a huge fan of theatre. With no actuality, Shakespeare uses semi-folk and semi-bookish legends of antiquity.

      There is also a belief that Shakespeare was not really interested in real Macbeth. This is why people who know the history of Scotland well enough say of mismatches in events described by Shakespeare with historic facts.

      A great Russian critique Belinsky defines two main characteristic of the tragedy: Shakespearean Macbeth is a violin but a violin with a deep and strong soul because of awaking sympathy instead of disgust. You see a person within him in whom the chance of victory is similar to the chance to lose. He could be another person under other circumstances and the other one is that Macbeth is the most terrifying literary work written by Shakespeare in which all the barbarianism of the century he lived in reflected.