Cultural Identity Essay


     So, you say you are required to provide with an essay at your college and your professor wants it to look and sound credible. First thing you need to know that you do it credible not for your professor but for yourself in the first place. Think about it. You would never wear a tore piece of clothes. You would never eat a slice of food from a trashcan. You would never listen a song by an amateur who has Van Gogh's ear for music. You would never ask for a favor a person who is Continue reading

Do Not Fight but Write


     Writing on war is quite of an issue because the topic is difficult. If you were assigned to write a war of 1812 essay, you might need to collect some data in order to make it historically correct. Wars have always been a black line in the history of every country.      War on terror essay is psychologically hard because while preparing for the essay, you will look through a lot of tragic facts connected with death and injuries of soldiers and civilians. Continue reading

Essay on American Culture


     Writing an essay helps to understand oneself in the first place. Then comes understanding of the theme along. If you are to write a persuasive essay, you need to give persuasive facts and provide with examples. Same thing with any other type of an essay.      Needless to say that every country has its culture. It is very important to know the rules accordingly to which people in this country live and follow. Of course, not everyone follows the rules, Continue reading

Amelia Earhart Essay


     And again, this is not for the first time we talk about great people in the world`s history in general and American history in particular. The person of today is Amelia Earhart, a famous pilot who, by the way, was dreaming of becoming a doctor. She was even working in the hospital as a nurse but the way the planes were rising above the sky charmed her and she decided to become a pilot. She was 19-year old and it took her less than a year to learn how to fly. Soon enough she Continue reading

Macbeth Ambition Essay


    In one of our previous articles, we have already met the hero of Shakespearian Macbeth and his life difficulties he faced with. He was quite ambitious and today we are to talk about his ambitions closer.      Are you ambitious? If yes, how ambitious are you? What speaks of you to be an ambitious person? Vanity, status seeking, greediness when it comes to power are those features Shakespeare`s tragedies are full of or better to say his characters are full of. Continue reading

All Quiet on the Western Front Essay


     Erich Maria Remarque is more known for writing Three Comrades and Arch of Triumph but he has another masterpiece we are to talk about in this article. It is entitled All Quiet on the Western Front. You already know as long as you are to write an essay upon this writing piece. Previously, we have spoken a lot about talented people and this is another person worth of your attention, worth of an essay to be written upon him.      The novel All Quiet on Continue reading

Essay on Everyday Use by Alice Walker


     We have already talked a lot about talented writers within our blog. This article will be no exception. There is a book by Alice Walker to your attention today. Once you were assigned to work upon her writings in your essay, feel free to get acquainted with our article.      Everyday Use is an essay, which belongs to Alice Walker`s In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women collection. It is a collection of stories about a black woman and her four Continue reading

Alexander the Great Essay


       Alexander the Great is one of the greatest people of the world`s history. It goes without saying that writing an essay upon him is a great honor. Today, you are honored to write upon this outstanding persona and this is not for the first time, we get you acquainted with outstanding historic people.      Alexander the Great had boundless ambitions, courage and self-belief. Unlike his father, he strived for military glory only. Philip, his father was Continue reading

Aldous Huxley Complete Essay


     We have already gone through many interesting information upon truly outstanding people in our previous articles.A person who does not read much, might barely know Aldous Huxley if know at all. He is an English writer, a brother of biologist Julian Huxley and a grandson of biologist-Darwinist Thomas Huxley.      In 1932 he published his novel anti- utopia entitled as Brave New World. The title was named after William Shakespeare`s The Tempest novel and a Continue reading

Problem of Alcohol Addiction Essay


     Alcohol is one of the most popular products nowadays. Alcohol drinks of all brands and kinds find a market by the majority of modern people and every one of them, one way or another, uses alcohol. To drink or not to drink is another controversial topic. The types of used alcohol drinks, occasions and frequency of use are different only.      Any alcohol drink contains a certain amount of ethyl or ethanol with a chemical formula C2H5(OH). Ethyl is Continue reading