Do Not Fight but Write


     Writing on war is quite of an issue because the topic is difficult. If you were assigned to write a war of 1812 essay, you might need to collect some data in order to make it historically correct. Wars have always been a black line in the history of every country.

     War on terror essay is psychologically hard because while preparing for the essay, you will look through a lot of tragic facts connected with death and injuries of soldiers and civilians. Whatever war you choose to write on or were assigned to write by your professor, whether it is Spanish American war, Vietnam War, Korean War, French and Indian War, revolutionary war, World War 2 or war of 1812, each of them numbers in the millions of fallen in the battles and lost lives because of the fights. Our writers will help you to find out more if you wish for it. 

     War is a catastrophe just like a natural disaster extinguishing lives, ruining everything around. It is needless to say that it brings destruction and death, butchery and slaughter, starvation, poverty and diseases; war is great and heroic on the other hand due to making men out of young boys, due to making heroes out of people who serve on behalf of their country defending their motherland and its people.

     World`s history is full of examples of wars. We have had different kinds of wars. Some of them lasted for shorter period of time, some lasted for years. World`s famous writers were depicting the experience of wars and losses they took in their books. World`s famous film makers were depicting all the horror of the wars in their movies being shot. Our service is the best when ti comes to paper writing. 

      It goes without saying that to fight is a human being`s natural instinct. The main reason why wars happen is power, power, recognition and money. There are conflicts based on misunderstandings in the sense of religion. People want to have as much power as possible and they are ready to do anything in order to get it even though it might cost a human`s life.

     The physicist Albert Einstein who has changed the understanding of the universe, cared a lot about politics as well. He said: “I don`t know what kind of weapons will be used in the third world war, assuming there will be a third world war. But I can tell you what the fourth world war will be fought with stone clubs”. He meant that it does not matter what kind of weapon it would be. It will knock people back anyway.

     No one is impervious to anything including wars and countries keep preparing to possible war to happen. Especially under the light of what has happened in Ukraine lately. Countries keep going through nuclear testing in order to become more powerful in a military sense of the word. Even though the fear of war makes a country think of its military strength, it destroy its peaceful being making it to where to country is in a constant state of worries, trembling and panic. Let us hope for peaceful solutions of the problems in the future so there were no wars.