Macbeth Ambition Essay


    In one of our previous articles, we have already met the hero of Shakespearian Macbeth and his life difficulties he faced with. He was quite ambitious and today we are to talk about his ambitions closer.

     Are you ambitious? If yes, how ambitious are you? What speaks of you to be an ambitious person? Vanity, status seeking, greediness when it comes to power are those features Shakespeare`s tragedies are full of or better to say his characters are full of. Excessive ambitions as social of Elizabethan and Jacobean times are considered to be as a more comprehensive fact, philosophical-metaphysical, as a human to strive for divinity and a reason of his falling down and death.

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     What a human being called to be a destiny, stood against inherent characteristics required inhumane actions of him. Ambitions make it to where a human is unable to be a human, which is why being so tempted to become divine, a human turns out to be unable to. Instead, a human just like Macbeth appears to be on the lowest animal level of the universe and die. Even though not as a hero in the battle but as a hunt down animal. Despising humanity of one`s own, applying for being Absolute, a human loses his/her humanity inevitably and, as a result, turns into nothing.

     Macbeth is a tyrant and a murderer. He was not always like that though. The image is opened in the development, in the dynamics, in all the complexity and divergence of his inner world. A fight between a feeling of remorse and ambitious motives within Macbeth`s soul, understanding of pointlessness of his bloody work at long last, all of the above makes him different from a typical villain and make a tragic personage out of him. He appears as a brave, strong warrior at the beginning. He strives for more glory but the society limits the development of a person. Thus, his heroism turns into vanity and this vanity eggs him on crime. Criminal activity eggs on more and more changes within him. There is no more of a courageous kind man but a tyrant and a murderer. One criminal action replaces the other and he is unable to stop just to keep the throne.

     The more obvious Macbeth`s despotism becomes for everyone, he turns out to be in a complete loneliness. Through a crime, Macbeth wants to change his destiny, to nip into the march of history. He is afraid of missing something and by doing his bloody work he tries to be in advance of suspected opponents actions. He battles his way through crimes to his “tomorrow`s” and “tomorrow`s” pushes him more and more to inevitable end. His wrongdoings face with opposition. It seems to Macbeth as if even s of nature went against him.

     Declaiming against humanity, Macbeth doomed himself to total isolation, loneliness and death. Lady Macbeth fanatically faithful to her husband thinking of him as a great man. She possesses as much of vanity as he does. She wants him to become a king of Scotland. She supports him. She thinks it to be enough just to wash the blood off hands and the crime will be forgotten. Her human nature cannot take it though and she loses her mind. In her somnambulistic condition, she tries to wash the blood off her hands but she cannot. On the day her husband dies, she commits suicide. The atmosphere is quite gloomy due to witches and visions to be implemented within the text but by the end of the tragedy, the darkness clears away and humanity achieves victory.

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