Problem of Alcohol Addiction Essay


     Alcohol is one of the most popular products nowadays. Alcohol drinks of all brands and kinds find a market by the majority of modern people and every one of them, one way or another, uses alcohol. To drink or not to drink is another controversial topic. The types of used alcohol drinks, occasions and frequency of use are different only.

     Any alcohol drink contains a certain amount of ethyl or ethanol with a chemical formula C2H5(OH). Ethyl is considered to be a strong neuroparalytic poison damaging functioning of nervous system bringing a huge damage all the groups of internals of those who use alcohol. People consume poison voluntarily on the occasion and for no reason and very often-unrationed use of alcoholic products causes dangerous for physical and psychological health disease called alcoholism. 

      Alcoholism is a mental disease, binge drinking. As a result of permanent intoxication, a human`s health worsens, employability, welfare and moral values drop off. A person becomes addicted to alcohol, which is why s/he suffers when there is no alcohol around and in order to relieve suffering, s/he keeps consuming it repeatedly. Alcohol is out of character when it comes to healthy way of life. Our writers are aware of all the consequnces. 

      Despite the debates among experts as to whether alcoholism should be considered a disease, Institute of Alcohol Studies calls alcoholism a disease. Genes and one`s lifestyle concerning alcohol influence a risk of alcoholism development. Alcoholism is a chronic illness, which lasts as long as life endures. If to diagnose and cure it at early stages, full recovery is possible and prevention of difficult complications. Chronic abusive drinking behavior raises chances of serious problems with health to develop, such as liver diseases, hypertension syndrome, heart disease, apoplectic attack, cancer (especially esophageal cancer, oro-pharyngo-laryngeal cancer), let alone pancreatitis. Liver damage leads to problems with blood sugar level. Liver processes alcohol when it is in blood. As long as liver is “busy” processing, it is unable to keep a blood sugar level on a desired level, which might lead to hypoglycemia. When it happens, brain is unable to receive necessary energy in order to function and such symptoms as hunger, weakness, headache, tremor and even coma (in severe cases) appear.    

      Chronic excessive drinking may lead to nutritional disorder. Chronic alcoholics do not eat enough food due to high amount of calories in alcohol. It does not let them receive necessary vitamins and minerals for health support. Besides that, a big amount of alcohol cause troubles or stops gastrointestinal digestion as long as alcohol makes secretion of digestive enzyme of pancreas lower. Alcohol also makes it difficult nutrient materials to get into blood. These digestion and soaking troubles during long period of time may cause ambrosia.   

      Alcohol is a universal poison, which ruins all the systems and organs of a human being. With a constant intoxication to grow, a person loses sense of proportion and control of used alcohol. As a result, a central nervous system is damaged leading to psychoses and neuritis.

      All people can be relatively divided into three groups:

  • People who do not use alcohol at all
  • People who drink occasionally
  • People who overuse alcohol

     In its turn, group of people who over uses alcohol can be divided into three classes: people who suffer from non-chronic alcoholism, people who show features of chronic alcoholism and people suffering from chronic alcoholism strongly. 

     There is ethyl in the basis of every alcohol drink. Ethyl by itself is a high toxic poison, which is why it does not matter what drink you consume, - low-alcohol beverage or strong beverage, it containments all the organs. Moreover, frequent use of alcohol causes addiction, which leads to alcoholism.

     Alcohol turns out to be in the blood in five minutes after a person consumes a drink. Alcohol gets to brain and liver through blood where its amount becomes even bigger. Cerebral cortex works in a less orderly manner: concentration and attention are broken, thoughts become incoherent. Capillaries under the skin expand causing blood flow to grow and this is why we feel warmth. In reality, this feeling is deceptive and alcohol does not warm up. Urine flow processes increase. Coordination and ability to speak slow down. A human`s behavior changes within shortest periods of time. Alcohol ruins stomach causing ulcer.      

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