Gun control Essay: Eats Shoots and Leaves


     The more controversy within a topic for an essay, the more interesting it gets to work upon it. We have talked many interesting and disputable things by now and this time will not be an exception.

     There are the following amendments to the United States Constitution:

  1. Freedom of speech, religion, press freedom, freedom to gather, freedom of petition.
  2. Freedom to keep and carry arms and weapons.
  3. Prohibition to arrange military men in private residence without sanction of an owner.
  4. Prohibition of uncalled search illegal ab initio and arrests.
  5. Right to due process, right to not incriminate oneself, guarantee of private property.
  6. Right of accused including right of judicial recourse of country.
  7. Right to a jury trial
  8. Prohibition of excessive bail and vindictive damages, cruel and unusual punishment.
  9. List of rights in Constitution should not be interpreted as derogation of other rights.
  10. The states and its citizens keep authority the Constitution do not place under jurisdiction of the USA directly.

Thus, as we may see, it is a right of every citizen of America to keep and carry arms and weapons for their own safety. The more people have it, the more they feel themselves in safety.

     There is a federal law in Russia, which allows its citizens to keep hunting weapons, rubber-bullet handguns (with a muzzle energy of no more than 91 joules), gas pistols, air guns (with a muzzle energy of no more than 25 joules) and also cold bladed weapon (hunting or of cultural valuables).

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     Going back to American legislation, freedom to keep and carry arms and weapons is considered to be one of the most important freedoms Americans have. They feel themselves more in safety having a gun at home. They are able to protect themselves, their families and their property. At the same time, there is another opinion. It is based on the following considerations that if there were less people keeping arms and weapons, the amount of crime would be smaller.

     According to the studies of a Brady Campaign research group, there are weapons-related assaults happening every six days in the USA as a result of which more than one person dies. When most of the citizens are armed as if they live on the Wild West, criminality does not go down. Instead of getting scared, the criminals work on getting more weapons, being more effective in its usage and use it more eagerly. When it happens, those who have guns, may be in a more of a danger, than if they had none but unarmed become more attackable. People getting into a fight, shoot those who provoke them. People get shot by mistake or overshooting.

     There are too many people carrying guns. Any insane person or criminally predisposed person who all of a sudden felt like killing, in a fit of wrath, is able to simply take his/her mother`s gun out of a wardrobe. The more people carry arms and weapons, the less effective police becomes. For many Americans though, the right to keep and carry arms and weapons is not even disputable.

     To cut it short, advocates and opponents of the right to keep and carry arms and weapons are within one conflict: both sides has a common goal – to decrease the number of murderers within a country. They suggest achieving this goal through two conditions: to forbid the citizens to keep arms and weapons or to let them protect themselves by means of guns with no fear of criminal responsibility in case of their actions to cause injury or death of the holdup man.    

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