Amelia Earhart Essay


     And again, this is not for the first time we talk about great people in the world`s history in general and American history in particular. The person of today is Amelia Earhart, a famous pilot who, by the way, was dreaming of becoming a doctor. She was even working in the hospital as a nurse but the way the planes were rising above the sky charmed her and she decided to become a pilot. She was 19-year old and it took her less than a year to learn how to fly. Soon enough she made a few womanish records: she cut across by air the territory of the USA twice from the ocean to the ocean, made a distant non-stop flight from Mexico to New-York and was the first out of pilots among women who rose y height over 6 000 meters. She said once that she would really like to cut across the Atlantic Ocean and this wish came true in 1928. She was flying not by herself though but with two other pilots. She did it by herself later, in 1932. 

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     A flight over the Pacific Ocean was next, from Hawaii to California and on her own again. She was not the first one who dreamt of such a flight. There were others who did it but those were men and she was a woman pilot. Despite for searching for hours, there was not a trace of a crushed plane but an alarm radiogram. It remains a mystery how Amelia Earhart died. Japanese who were preparing for the war back then could take her captive. Years later, inhabitants of those places were saying that they saw a woman and a man captive. The woman died of disease and the man was executed in 1937. Those are just rumors and feasible theories only though. No one knows the truth.       

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