Alexander the Great Essay


       Alexander the Great is one of the greatest people of the world`s history. It goes without saying that writing an essay upon him is a great honor. Today, you are honored to write upon this outstanding persona and this is not for the first time, we get you acquainted with outstanding historic people.

     Alexander the Great had boundless ambitions, courage and self-belief. Unlike his father, he strived for military glory only. Philip, his father was equally proud of military heroism, his oratorical gift and victories of his horses on the Olympic Games. His son`s character was different because of arrogance in his nature. Once, being asked whether he would like to take part in the Olympic Games, Alexander answered that he would gladly if to compete with kings.   

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       Alexander showed his courage in his yearly years. When he went out to see his future horse called Bucephalus, his father refused to buy the horse due to him to be incontrollable. Alexander managed to calm him down as he notice the horse to be afraid of its own shadow. He was 14 years old back then.

      Alexander`s tutor was Aristotle. He managed to get Alexander interested in not military service and politics only but also to medicine and natural sciences. Alexander was fond of reading since his early childhood and liked to re-read his favorite books. He had always kept The Iliad poem with himself. Alexander said that he did not know any better guidance how to conduct a war. He had Macedonia grand people as his tutors just as well. They tried to harden him, trained him how to be moderate in food and drinks.

       Despite all the conquests of Alexander, he felt himself rather lonely. His father did not let him to marry a girl he wanted to marry. His father left them for the sake of other woman who was prisoned eventually and put to death along with her child so Alexander remained the one and only heir to the throne. He became cowardly and superstitious. Priests, visionaries and other liars used mental weakness of the tsar. Alexander did not trust even the closest friends. He saw betrayal everywhere. He thought he will be able to keep authority by means of fear only. He had to boggle the imagination of the conquered people all the time. There was no other way, no chance to step aside, to turn back. He developed more and more fantastic projects. He organized a big sea expedition. He prepared a grand campaign. He wanted to build a road. He lost a sense of reality. His fellow-campaigns realized that it was necessary to think of the already conquered territories instead of new ones to conquer. Alexander himself thought different. He did not want to take any other person`s opinion into consideration. Even the nature itself had to give him way. No one dared to say something different from what Alexander`s said now. He planned an African campaign on the warmest summer days but it was not meant to happen as long as he got sick and died.

       There were discussions as for who to rule the country from now on. He did not make any plans as for that. His wife was expecting a child. His brother was a person of weak mind. Each of the commanders had someone to offer dreaming of ruling the country on behalf of him. Alexander was barely buried when arguments as for whom to put to rule instead turned into fighting. Soon enough this fighting turned into war and as a result, the imperia broke up. It was short-lived only due to fear and power to unite it.

       Alexander`s life shows how a person`s destiny changes when due to circumstances he obtains a great deal of power and gets an opportunity to give orders uncontrollably over thousands of alike. Alexander had suspiciousness and cruelty, contempt for others and fear for alliances only after him to achieve power no one person had before he did. Even positive qualities of his character changed under the influence of flattery and popular adoration. Ambition turned into superbity, courage – into blindness, pride – into delusion of grandeur.      

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