Essay on American Culture


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     Needless to say that every country has its culture. It is very important to know the rules accordingly to which people in this country live and follow. Of course, not everyone follows the rules, there are still rule breakers but let us be honest, we ourselves are far from perfection and have something to strive for.   

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     Americans always strive for something. Laziness is not about them. Just like irony. Americans work hard and take their duties so serious it even looks comic. They want to earn money and are ready to compete but at the same time they are friendly and eager for new beginnings. They treat strangers open-heartedly but demandingly at the same time, which the British find rather odd. They hate incompetence and immediateness is not for them. They are pragmatic by nature. They need what works and they are not ready to make a compromise. They admire innovators and those who love to risk. They consider a failure to be just a temporary delay. They get used to rely on themselves and wait for others to be the same. They do not think that the whole world owes them. These all explains the outstanding success of America.

     Its culture began developing long before the country became a country. Due to colonies, the British influenced a lot onto American culture and its development. They spread out English language, system of justice and other cultural inheritance. Among other countries who influenced were Ireland, Germany, Poland and Italy where a huge number of immigrants came from.

     Traditionally, America was considered to be a mix of other cultures. We talk about a person to be a part of some culture on the basis of his/her social status, political views, religion, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation. At the same time, there are symbols, which are common for Americans. Among them are an apple pie, baseball and American flag.

     Americans think of their future. Pension fund is something they take care of in the first place. Up to if there is a choice either to provide children with education or a pension fund, the latter will be chosen. Another distinguishing feature is that after graduating, neither children nor parents do not help each other. Most children start living separately from their parents leading an independent way of life.

     Most citizens consider themselves to be religious. 98% of Americans believe in God.         

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