What Is A Persuasive Essay and What It Looks Like?


    Let us begin with what an essay is. It is a piece of writing. Either you choose a topic on your own or you are given one or a few to choose from. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We all went through this back in student days. The amount of words/pages is also either given by a professor or up to you. Try not to make it way too long otherwise, you risk to get your readers bored. You do not want it, do you? There are plenty of topics to go with and every topic is worth of being discussed.
    Essays can be different. Persuasive essay is one of the kinds. Needless to say what it means but still. Everyone probably faced with a situation when there was something to convince of. Persuasive essays are all about conviction. Therefore, you pick an area you are good at and have a point of view to share. To be able to persuade, an author has to be 100% sure of what s/he is talking about and only then, such an essay will be successful and elicit response from readers.
    Come up with an idea, divide your essay into paragraphs for easier reading. There has to be introduction, body paragraph and a conclusion. This is a typical structure for every kind of an essay. The idea is the main thing about any essay. The structure does not matter really. Once there is an idea and it is transparent and clear, make it get-able for your readers. Make sure your sentences are simple. The more complicated they are, the harder it makes for a reader to get the point. Mind your audience while writing if you decide on writing by yourself. 
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