The Сolor of Water Essay


     We have already talked a lot about famous people and their outstanding writing in our blog. Today, you are welcome to view another outstanding piece by James McBride. 

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     The Color of Water is a writing by James McBride. It is about the author`s experience of living on the streets. Thus, he depicts this experience through an experience of a boy living on the streets. James McBride has learnt a lot of things such as identity, racism and family. This writing is also about his mother Ruth who is white and who also learns about family and faith. The process of learning of them both is depicted through different stories across the writing.

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      James and Ruth do bad and good things and this is how their lives move on. The truth was revealed to James by a chicken man: “you want to drop out of school and shoot people and hang on this corner all your life, go ahead, it`s your life!” There are intangible ideas they learn. Racism, for example.

     If to speak about racism, there are plenty of examples. Everyone at school was thinking that James could dance while he made fun of himself. Another case was about James to be sent for a milk and he was given some spoiled milk. He wanted to return it but the man refused him. Also, James was called a “nigger” but he was not the only one suffering from racism. His mother Ruth was called a “nigger lover”. She suffered because of her family a lot too. There were three of them in the family. Her mother was a handicapped woman. Her father treated Ruth very unfair and badly even though he was a Jewish Rabi. He owned a store of his own. Ruth with the rest of her siblings were working for him in the store. He was very demanding. They had to work long hours, very hard. Besides that, he was touching her inappropriately molesting her.

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