Symbolism Of To Kill A Mockingbird Essay


     In our previous article, we were discussing the topic of depression and today, we are to talk about literary piece entitled as To Kill A Mockingbird written by American writer Harper Lee. It is written on behalf of 8-year-old girl. It is about life of a modest family of Atticus Finch. Scene of the story is laid in a small American city back in the year 1935.

     Among the interesting facts, the novel is studied in 80% of American schools. The novel is also mentioned in David Fincher`s The Game painting. Atticus Finch is an attorney from Alabama who has two children he raises without a spouse. He is wise and soft by nature and is supposed to defend an Afro-American in court who was accused falsely in raping of a white woman. Atticus faces with aggression and prejudice of south city where citizens` life depends largely on racial prejudices. Another equally interesting storyline tells about growing up children of Atticus within whom such notions as justice, responsibility, compassion and social disparity.

     Our writers as being well-read people say that the book was met quite warmly by literary critiques, even though Lee Harper herself thought that the book would be either fallen on deaf ears or get many unfavorable comments. Things turned out to be different from what the writer thought. Soon enough the novel appeared among bestsellers and was admitted as one of the best patterns of American literature. In a year after the first edition to be published, it received a Pulitzer Prize. Thereafter, To Kill The Mockingbird book was published later editions multiple times, was translated in a several dozens of languages and cinematized in 1999, the novel was called the best book of the century.

     You will not cut any slack reading the book. Those who happened to read it, normally mention it among their favorite books or books they enjoyed reading most of all. Some just do not like to name some things favorite in order not to offend other writers (stage managers when it comes to movies). It is studied in such a high percentage of schools for a reason. The author died in 2016 at the age of 90. In 2015 she agreed to work more upon and publish Go Set A Watchman novel, which was written before To Kill A Mockingbird but did not see the light of the day back then.

     Our service will gladly assist you in writing an essay on such a masterpiece in case if due to some reasons you are unable to accomplish the task on your own. Like already have been said, our team of writers is a masterly crew and simply responsible people who do their best in order to bring joy to the customers in the form of brilliantly done work. Sadly, after writing To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee did not write anything of the kind or more or less worth of attention and avoided public presentations.