Depression Essay


     Depression essays, essays about depressions, essays on depression, cause and effect essay on depression, definition essay on depression, - whatever topic on depression you chose, the meaning will remain the same. Depression is a very specific topic and for most people it is rather unpleasant to talk about as long as it is a negative condition of a person`s mind. There are different types of depression known. There is also an apathy, which is more likely to be if a person simply feels sad. A depression is something a doctor can state only. Declaration of Independence Day is what our previous article is about. If you need to look it through, go back and do it. If not, let us go further. 

     Depression is very “popular” nowadays. This psychological condition attracts more and more attention. There are many people suffering from depression. It is sad because youth suffers from depression mostly. Young minds make up problems, which do not exist and they think everything to be that bad that life is not worth of living. Depression among teenagers is one of the vital problems of today let alone alcoholism, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, drugs usage, pregnancy, suicidal thoughts. Youth is very vulnerable especially in the present days.

     It is needless to say that it does change life and in a bad sense of the word. Very often it is life threatening. It is a mental disorder, which is very serious. A person suffering from a depression feels sadness, loneliness, disappointment and other negative emotions and feelings. People feel bad due to negative events in their lives – death, divorces, sicknesses; it seems to them that there is no way out even though every problem has two solutions the least. It leads to a state of apathy and a depression in more complicated case.

     A depression may flows through different stages. It may be slight and severe. A depression can be clinical, an adjustment disorder with depressing mood, dysthymia and seasonal affective disorder. Depression has its symptoms just like any other disease or disorder. If one`s sadness lasts for more than two weeks, it is a depression. Major depression is seen through problems with sleeping, lack of concentration, not interested and therefore, not involved in social and any other kind of events, being rather slow in motion, frequent mood changes, it influences badly on processes of studying, helplessness and hopelessness, feelings of guilt, suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem. This is why it is important to share one`s problems with people one have trust in. Keeping everything inside causes problems leading to depression. Dysthymia is almost like a clinical depression but is less severe. Our writers  are masters of their craft. They read and write, write and read and this is how it works.

     A British scholar Robert Burton says that: “True Depression in teens is often difficult to diagnose because normal teen behavior is marked by both up and down moods.” It goes without saying that those teenagers who tend to be depressive think too much and exaggerate things. It seems to them that they are not good enough, that others are better at some point, they are outcasts in most cases.

      Our service will gladly provide with any topic and this one is not an exception as you might already guessed. Condition of a depression ruins not only life of a person who is depressed but lives of those who are next to this person. Do not be egoistic, think of others in the first place and entertain yourself in order to avoid depressive thoughts. There is so much joy in this world and so not much time to enjoy what life has to give. Do not miss a chance to do that and always keep in mind the fact that there are people whose life situation and life experience are way more worse than yours, than you can even imagine.