Martin Luther King Civil Rights Movement Essay


     This is a story about another outstanding historic person. You could have heard of him. If you were assigned to write on him, this is even better!

     Martin Luther King Junior was one of the most outstanding human rights defender of XX century who spoke up non-violent social changes. He was born in Atlanta (Georgia). His explicit declamatory skills and personal courage drew attention of the country in 1955 first when he along with other human rights activists were arrested for striking a Montgomery boycott, freight forwarder in Alabama demanding the colored to stand down and give place to white people and stood or seated on back seats of a bus. During the next decade, king was writing, making speeches and organizing non-violent protests and mass demonstrations in order to draw attention to race discrimination and to require the laws to be adopted on civil rights, which would protect rights of Afro-American people. Our service is able to provide you with more information on this matter if required.     

     King took the lead of peaceful mass demonstrations in 1963 in Birmingham (Alabama). White police officers were coming out towards them with dogs and fire-hoses causing an opposition, which was covered in the newspapers all over the world. The culmination of the mass demonstrations following after was a march gathered more than 250 000 protestants in Washington where King made his famous speech “I have a dream”. He told about the world in which people will no longer be divided in accordance with their race.

     Movement, inspired by King, became so strong that congress adopted a decision Civil Rights Act of 1964. Same year king was awarded with Nobel peace prize. He was hereby awarded post-mortem with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, King has become an idol of human rights movement. His life and activity are symbols for fight for equality and discrimination cancellation, which is a desire wish of America and all of humankind.  

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