Global Warming Argumentative Essay


     By the time you read this article, you most definitely to come across many others and the topic based on environment is no new to you. Previously, we have spoken upon a matter of Earth Day where the issue of global warming was mentioned.

     Global warming is connected with climate changes directly. Climate changes are inevitable just like changes in any other spheres of human activities. We live, through living we consume food and produce things. Life changes all the time. What we do influence environment we live in, which causes changes we are to talk about.

     Global warming has become a serious problem in contemporary world. It is about climate changes, which might lead to significant temperature changes. Scientists made up this term. They work hard in order to solve this problem. Otherwise, global warming may cause very dangerous climatic changes except for temperature changes. For example, for the last 100 years, average temperature became 1 degree higher. Some scientists think that global warming is a result of industrial revolution. If it goes on, it might lead to destruction of civilization. Air pollution is one of the main reasons of global warming. More and more plants are built throughout the world. During oil, coal, benzine combustion, they add more of carbone dioxide into atmosphere. Cars have rather bad influence onto atmosphere just as well due to gasoline combustion. As a result, ozone screen of our planet destructs. All of the above has rather bad influence onto earth atmosphere heat balance. What we get in return are the fact that Earth becomes drier, many lakes and rivers dry, forests burn out, shelf ice melt, people and animals do not feel well.

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     Those are not all global warming consequences. Nature gets angry with us. We should be more attentive and caring if we want to save our planet. There are a few ways to do it. First, we should begin saving natural resources, such as water, trees, ground and air. It would be a good idea to utilize what is no longer in use. There should be electric cars and plants should stop producing carbone dioxide. Also, we should shorten usage of sprays and polishes, which destruct ozone layer. Take these simple measures, we save our planet.     

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