Essay On Earth Day


     Earth day essay is an assignment any student might be assigned to write on. The topic is very noble and it is easier than to write on Einstein's relativity theory. One never knows though, you might be given a task to write an essay on that one too next time.

     To write an essay on earth day means to write an essay on our planet Earth. Everyone knows that we live on this planet. Planet Earth is the third planet if to count from the sun. The environment on the planet is favorable, just like temperature conditions, which makes it to where the humans and other species are able to exist. 

     Unfortunately, human wastes make it to where the planet suffers. The air is polluted through vehicle exhaust gases, factory gases, people “kill” themselves through smoking. Earth day is a holiday. It was founded back in the year 1969 in spring by supporter of peace by John McConnell. The holiday is not single though. There is also an earth day in autumn established by American senator Gaylord Nelson.

     Celebration of Earth days include activities, which improve the condition of nature such as planting trees, cleaning the roads of the trash, using recycled containers for food. There are performances outdoors, everything to emphasize the nature`s welfare on our planet. There are different seminars on the topic of earth and its wellbeing.

     There is a huge problem coming up. Everyone could heard about it. It is called global warming. There are programs developed in order to make people involved and think about world they live in, the air they breathe, the water they drink, the food they eat. Quality of our life depends upon us in the first place. We should think wisely how to lead our life so there was less negative physically and mentally. If to think negative, if to think that nothing will change and that things are only getting worse, nothing will change and will be getting worse gradually.

     Environmental issues are everywhere. if you did not know that, our writing service here is to inform you. Of course, some places are better in the context of air due to the geographical position. For example, those which are located by the sea. Imagine how fresh the air is if to live by the sea. It might be chilly but it is always nice and fresh. It stands no comparison with industrial cities, which are full of plants and factories producing stuff and vaporization.

     Earth day was referred originally to make the world cleaner, to avoid damages caused by variety of bad influences. The conventional Georgian wisdom says that a real man should do three things in his life, which are to build a house, to raise a son and to plant a tree. The planted tree is put in there for a reason. This is a contribution of each man into the welfare of the environment next generations are to live in, his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. Pause to think about it even today. Thinking is 50% of doing. You are on the right way.