Fast Food Nation Essay: Eat or Not To Eat


     Buying sausage buns, patty cakes, meat pastry, doner kebab, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs on the street has become a usual thing for us. There is no street, which would not offer fast food.

     Quite often we do not think about how useful and maybe harmful might be the system of quick snacks for our organism, which has turned into an everyday ritual.

     In our previous articles we have discussed American culture. Americans are the nation, which is usually associated with fast food. A fast food nation, which made it to where fast food or how it is also called junk food has become so popular throughout the world. True to form even realizing that such food is barely nutritious, we give in to temptation so much we simply cannot resist and buy fast food. Lack of time to cook normal food is how fast food consumers excuse themselves oftentimes. Fast food temptation is especially dangerous at summertime.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of junk food?

     Our writers have accomplished too many academic papers not to give you an answer to such a simple question. They will be happy to provide with more information in case if needed. A professional is like gold dust.

     There were no advantages found about junk food but it provokes many diseases. Besides the risk to get poisoned consuming one portion only, cooked in unsanitary conditions or kept God knows where and for how long, regular consuming of street fast food raises blood cholesterol levels, gives rise to gastro-intestinal tract and vascular system diseases.

     There are a lot of fats and preservation agents in fast food, the same cannot be said for vitamins and minerals – there are simply none in there. While cooking fast food, margarine is used in a great number so the food could be kept longer. At the same time, artificial trans fats cause nervous system diseases, ischemic heart disease, oncology diseases, diabetes and agenesis.

     A great amount of salt and other spices are used while cooking fast food, which apart from shelf life extension withdraw racy favor used spoiled products. If is anything to go by statistics, the reason of yearly lethal cases, almost 40 000 of the British consume fast food, namely a great amount of salt and non-natural fats.       

     The way people consume fast food is the reason of negative human health effect. Fast food, as a rule, is consumed fast, in a hurry, on foot, in order to sum it up in dinnertime. Which is why it is very difficult for a stomach to deal with big slices of badly chewed food spiced with carbonated drinks. Besides that, gastric juice cannot handle a big amount of spices, mayonnaise, different sauces, ketchup, the main role of which is to hide the real favor and smell of spoiled food. Constant stomach failures connected with consuming such food lead to serious diseases of gastro-intestinal tract. Fast food causes pancreatitis, gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcer.

     Fast food is fuel food, which is why no wonder that regular consuming of doughnuts and other fast food make it to where a weight grows. It is enough to look at problems of American nation connected with American weight increase. This problem is also connected with fast food consuming. It leads to misbalance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates causing obesity. Endocrine system suffers a lot as a result of such eating habits.        

     It is especially dangerous to eat junk food at summertime because of the high temperatures outside. Products spoil quickly and the food made out of such products becomes a good environment for dangerous bacteria breeding and deleterious microorganisms. Quite often, fast food at summertime is the reason of food intoxication. In order to avoid food intoxication from the eaten hamburger or sandwich, you cannot resist, it is recommended to wash it down with a great amount of water. It will be easier for a stomach to deal with intoxication.   

         Besides that, there was no strive of native producers of street fast food to follow sanitary norms noticed. Oftentimes, overdue products are used for making fast food masked under a great number of spices, sauces and mayonnaise. The workers themselves are taken at work without any health book.

     Is it possible to compare passion for fast food to drug addiction as some fast food lovers say? It is possible in some sort. Because a person goes back to such food consuming repeatedly, which attracts outright thanks to a great number of food additives and flavor intensifiers.    

Helpful advice for fast food lovers

     Even though it is almost impossible to avoid fast food consuming taking into consideration the fact of what a torrid pace of contemporary life is, one should not have to turn it into regular everyday food. Doing so, a person signs his own death warrant to receive serious diseases.  

     If one`s organism is already dependent upon fast food, one should to get rid of this addiction gradually. At first, one should shorten the amount of food and amount of days, within which fast food is consumed. If there was no day you could live without a tasty hamburger, now you need to limit fast food consuming from once per 2-3 days going to once per 7 days.       

     Give yourself a keynote to forbid consuming fast food especially at summertime. Go to McDonald`s, Chicken or in the café of other serious net. Food in here is also cooked fast but it is kept and cooked in accordance with corresponding sanitary conditions. Ordering food, one should not overuse fat and high calorie food. There is always a salad made of fresh vegetables and green tea instead of strongly sparkling Coca-Cola.

     To eat fast food on empty stomach is also a bad idea. Hot vegetable soup instead of grilled chicken will work nicely for mucous membrane of your stomach and decrease aggressive influence of fast food on it. In case if there is lack of time to cook food and consuming of fast food is inevitable, it is better to find some decent café or canteen. You will be able to have a choice and pick first course, second course and salads, tea and compotes. Although such food is incomparable with homemade food, it is less dangerous for your health and lighter for your stomach.     

     Do not be in a hurry consuming food. Food should be fletcherized properly and not to overload gastro-intestinal tract. Do not feed children with fast food, it is inexcusable mistake. Going to McDonald`s too often might cost your children dysfunction of their gastro-intestinal tracts and nervous systems, weakening of immune system and development gap.

     Our service would like to conclude with the following that none fast food is able to replace healthy food and it does not deserve to put one`s own health on the line!