Essay on Obesity in America


     It goes without saying that along with smoking and drinking, overeating is another society scourge of the time we live in. the thing is that variety of food products is impressive nowadays and once there is a financial ability what shops have to offer, it makes it to where the chance to become fat grow. The situation gets even more complicated once a person has a genetic disposition to gaining weight.

     This problem is especially on the front burner when to speak about the United States of America. In one of our previous articles we have already mentioned that Americans are fast food nation and eating street food, we make it to where our weight grows rapidly. It is a bad habit just like mentioned above drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.   

     The problem of obesity is on the ascendant. Stress at work or problems in private life also cause it to where people eat more than they are supposed to be eating. We cannot handle the stress; we have arguments with our bosses and co-workers, beloved people and best friends, which cannot go unnoticed and here we go, our favorite pair of jeans does not fit any longer.

     There are 33% of obese men, 35% of obese women and 32% of obese children in America. To cut it short, one in three Americans suffers from overweight. Yes, obesity has become a national problem in the USA. Federal control and disease prevention centers taking tests provide with comprehensive information upon Americans, of what height they are, when was the last time they visited a dentist, what sort of cereal they have for breakfast, how often do they laugh or cry, whether they get up at night to visit a restroom, and if yes, then how often, etc.

     What Americans are also “good” at is coming up with different competitions. Among them are food competitions based on eating. The more one eats, the better. These competitions are normally based on eating street food, which is high calorie food containing loads of fats and carbohydrates instead of proteins and minerals, which are nutritious and healthy. It is a homegrown terrorism.  

     Junk food is accessible and it is a problem. Besides that the portions become bigger. There are so many varieties in the menu to choose from, even for happy meals kids! It makes it to where people go and get it instead of eating healthy. Healthy products cost more money and it actually caused the fact of Americans to get fatter in the end of 1980`s, financial gains was the reason. The perennial question remains the same whether it is possible to stop people from eating unhealthy and gaining extra pounds. Fitness of healthy lifestyle propaganda including balanced nutrition and physical activity stabilized for a time a number of obese people. Sadly, for a short period of time.

     The problem is also about corporate interests and multibillion investments, which as a result flooded us with “entertainment” food, gigantic portions and oceans of high fructose corn syrup. Which is why here is what we have instead of the fight against obesity, a new fast food product called Quad Stacker – four meat chops, four slices of beckon and four slices of cheese for $ 4.99. And all that besides fries!     

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