Essay on History Of Basketball


     In our previous article, we were discussing baseball and the role of steroids in life of those who play it and sportsmen in general. The topic of our today`s article is football. There are people who enjoy playing themselves and those who prefer watching on either television or matches now and then. These people are crazy about it knowing all the players, having their favorite players and they cannot imagine missing a match because that would be equal to a natural disaster or catastrophe of sorts.

     Those who truly are into the game know the history of basketball. It is not hard to learn if you are a true fan. It goes without question because the interest is pure. It all began in wintertime back in the year 1891 when students of Young Men's Christian Association college in Springfield were bored on physical education. They had to do an endless series of ones and the same gymnastic exercises, which back in those days were considered to be the only tool of physical education in educational institutions. It was necessary to make such a monotony stop, to input a fresh flow, which would be able to satisfy competitive skills of strong and healthy young people. 

     Our writers are able to find a way out of a deadlock situation just like back in the mentioned days, a physical-education teacher James Naismith found who nowadays is considered to be a modern football pioneer. He decides to take to baskets out of peaches and to tie them up to the gym balcony balustrades. Then he divided 18 students into two teams and suggested a new game the point of which was to hit the basket of the opponent as many times as possible. He was unlikely to know what a great future was ahead of his invention.

     As Naismith told himself, the idea of the game occurred his head back in school years when he being a child was playing an old game called duck-on-a-rock. The point being made was that a stone was thrown up, which was to be hit by smaller stone through throwing it across. The new game was called basketball because of the two compulsory elements, a basket and a ball. At the beginning, this game only vaguely resembled that fantastic performance we know now. There was no dribbling in the beginning but throwing the ball one another standing on one spot trying to hit the basket. The pointer was performed with both hands from below or from the chest. Then someone had to climb the ladder against the wall to take the ball out. For us, knowing basketball as it is now, that game would be rather boring but Naismith set a goal to create a multi-player game in which a big number of players would take part and back then his invention corresponded the genera idea.  

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