Essay On Baseball: History and All The Truth Upon Steroids


     Let us remind you what our previous article was about. We have just spoken on William Faulkner`s A Barn-burning literary piece and now we would like to draw your attention to the theme of baseball as long as this is the theme you need to write on. You might not be a baseball player, be just an amateur or hate sport in general and the game in particular at all. Either way, you are here today because you need a paper on it and in case you do not have neither personal preferences nor writing skills to be able to accomplish the task, you should know that there is a service able to help you but all in good time. 

     Baseball is a worldwide famous game. This game let alone American soccer are considered to be non-official symbols of America together with turkey on Thanksgiving Day, Statue of Liberty cowboy hat, “mommy`s apple pie”, etc. Without a clue what is going on the filed, we know that Americans collect baseball cards with images of the players, make gifts to each other in a form of tickets for a game, safe keep the balls and gloves with favorite players` autographs and that a six-digit number of fans may get together to see a students` game in the USA. If you are unsatisfied with your body, you want to be stronger like a sportsman you know and admire with or graceful as a model, who is your inspiration, you may be tempted to take injections or steroids to achieve your goals. Around one million of young people aged from 12 to 17 take dangerous stimulating agents and anabolic steroids are the most popular in terms of this. Anabolic steroids are similar to synthetic agents, which work basically like aldosterone.

     Steroids make it to where people achieve better results faster. They could work out in the gyms for years and still their bodies would not look as flawlessly as they would with the help of steroids besides within shorter period of time. It gives confidence we all lack so much even those who do not seem to be unconfident at all but a walking confidence itself.

     Before taking steroids, you should know what the side effects are. Those people who choose to give steroids a go, a risk of heart attack increases, liver and kidneys damage, development of serious psychological disease. Women taking steroids have their menstrual cycle broken, male pattern of hair distribution, inevitable deepening of voice. Men suffer from abnormal breast augmentation and atrophy of sexual grands. Both, men and women face with sudden attacks of aggression and irritation. Ironically, usage of steroids stops the development of teenagers.

     Steroid is a drug. It causes sterility, oncology diseases, and masculinization in women as was mentioned above, cardiovascular diseases; there is a school of thought that hypertrophy of cardiac muscle. Steroids have a positive effect on immune system. The more especially as those who take them normally have cancer or HIV infected for immunity improvement. Though, in accordance with some athletes, after quitting taking steroids, there is a tendency to catarrhal diseases. It should be mentioned that no research was conducted and it is hard to jump to any conclusions.         

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