Essay on Architecture


     Far from everybody knows much about architecture. We happen to face with its different types traveling around the world but then again, not many people can afford traveling but those who live in the cities, observe certain architecture daily. Most people do not know in what style their native city is built in. Either way, in this article we will get you acquainted with a few for your general information.  

     Our previous article was concerning literature. You as a reader was able to get acquainted with what archetype is, which made it to where you have become more sophisticated in the area of literature. Today is the day of architecture for you. You most probably heard of Greek architecture or Gothic architecture. If you need to write an essay on any of them or more, you might need to get more information besides what you have heard because what you might know at this point is unlikely to be enough.

     Architecture is an art and a science about building, construction. Architectures project buildings including whole complexes of buildings. There are many styles of architecture each of which has peculiarities of its own. It is difficult to find the right words to describe beautiful things but words are required if you need an essay to be accomplished.

     So, if to speak of mentioned earlier Gothic style of architecture, its main elements are usage of frame system in construction, extensive interiors are decorated with huge windows, mind-blowing with diversity of well-made glass painting, drop arches – nervures, hupaithric semi-arches - arc-boutants, masts serving as beams for drop arches, rectilineal perches, flying buttresses, intersecting vaults, fretwork stones - Gables, pointed openwork towers – finials, lancet windows and doorways. Facades were decorated with complex ornament and sculptures. Gothic style combined stone, glass, bright colors of wall painting and glass painting within. Expressive style amazes with shine of gold and spires showed a human striving for the sky heights and served as a reminder of spiritual side of life. It symbolizes infinity, expressing everything mystique and secret in every person`s soul.

As for the peculiarities of the Greek architecture, columns are an integral part of the buildings deigned in this style. Its shapes, proportions and plate tracery made it to where other parts of the building were built in terms of their shapes, proportions and plate tracery.

There is also green architecture. This term appeared in the 80`s of XX century. It includes not only architecture with integrated natural component but also power efficient, economic, ergonomical architecture. Thus, green architecture is created due to interaction of engineering, landscape and architectural solutions and has to be considered in package.            

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