Archetype Essay


     If you were asked to write an archetype essay, define for yourself, what archetype is, to begin with. The one who reads, definitely came across this term and have an idea of what that is. We face it when reading about some character and knowing this character to be inspired on true person. Like a movie based on true events.

     You know what appendix essay is from the previous article. Now it is turn to find out what and how to write an archetype essay. It depends upon whom your essay is going to be based on. There are millions of literary pieces, novels, short stories and books in several volumes containing millions of archetypes. 

     There is a personage made up by Chukovsky called Dr. Powderpill. So the argument goes that this character was a prototype of Dr. Doolittle by Hugh Lofting published in 1920. Chukovsky was an excellent translator and knew English well therefore, he most likely read the book. Though his Dr. Powderpill cannot be called just a translation. Chukovsky enriched the plot with new episodes and gave the character a “speaking” name. Moreover, a real person was the true prototype of Dr. Powderpill, not Lofting`s character.

     It was Cemach Szabad Chukovsky met back in the year 1912 in Vilnyus. He stayed at doctor`s place twice being in the city on business. Cemach Szabad was a doctor and a scientist. He was born in 1864, graduated Moscow University School of Medicine, then he was sent to liquidate epidemic of cholera to Astrakhan.

     Afterwards he settled in Vilnyus, opened a private practice, found a recreation camp for children and asylums for orphans.

     He did not take money from the poor, never refused to visit a patient at night or whatever weather conditions were. He stood at the origins of Jewish scientific institute. He ruled dozens of Jewish organizations inclusing Vilnyus Jewish community.

     Also he did a great job on medical and hygienic education of people, wrote many publicistic articles on hygiene.

     Many people considered him to be strange because he was ready to cure beggars, cheaters and even animals: horses, cows, cats, dogs and even ravens. All the patients loved him whole-heartedly. Which is why no wonder that Chukovsky choose him as an archetype of his Dr. Powderpill.

     He died in 1935 because of blood infection. More than 30 000 citizens were following his coffin.

     His bust was hidden by the night watcher in the beginning of the Second World War and after was returned to colleagues and located in Jewish museum in Vilnyus. There are statues of the great doctor, which were placed right on the sidewalk in order to keep the feeling of the doctor to be with people.       

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