Appendix Essay


          To write an essay is easy. You do not know how? Let us tell you all about it. Besides the text, there might be an appendix or a few. But we shall come back to it later. Let us go gradually along the path of essay writing. 

     If to go a few pages of the blog back, an attentive reader might notice articles on how to write different types of essay. Essay is a prose composition of miniscule amount and free composition expressing individual impressions and considerations concerning something specific. It does not require either determined or deplete take on a subject.

     Our writing team is glad to inform you about the structure of the essay. There should be introduction, body paragraph (-s) and a conclusion of course. All of the above are essential parts of any essay no matter what the topic or number of pages are.

     Appendix works for research type of papers. It is important not for a future reader but for the author of the paper as well. Appendixes serve for materials, which support the theses they provide with within their papers. To input this information into the text would work as a distracting factor.

Criteria for the assessment of the paper

  1. Knowing and understanding of the theoretical material.
  2. Analysis and assessment of the information. Historical sources on which entry is based on may be of all kinds. It is necessary for all the documents to be commented comprehensively and be the subject of critical analysis. It is actually the main criteria for the assessment of a paper; although, jury will undoubtedly note a new historical material found and ability of an competitioner express him/herself.
  3. Erudition: knowing and logical exposition of factual material, acquaintance with names of famous historians.
  4. Thoughts composition.
  5. The clarity of presentation.
  6. Logic of evidence.
  7. Shifted theses go along with competent arguments.

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