Enlightenment Essay


     Empathy was the topic of our previous article. Essay on enlightenment may open up new opportunities for you. Enlightenment is about changes. Do you like changes? Many people struggle for changes, some are afraid of them. A change is always a challenge. To accept challenges is better than to sit home and not to take any risks. Life is about taking risks. Of course, one does not try anything really but to leave fear aside, to decide on what is important and what task is secondary and may be done later on.

      Enlightenment as any other movement has its followers. “The Enlightenment focused on the use of reason and secularism. It also led to new developments in art, philosophy, and especially politics. Enlightenment thinkers, or philosophers, as well as followers of the movement believed that humans could understand the universe and better themselves through the use of reason” (Kramnick). It depends upon a person, some support the idea of enlightenment, for some it is a waste of time, efforts and expenses. 

     Scientific revolution was probably the most essential root so to speak of Enlightenment. It has poured light on the reasoning, critical method of thinking, inquiry spirit. Scientific revolution is also characterized with philosophical view on understanding the universe we live in. Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes were the pioneers of the Enlightenment.

     “Francis Bacon is known for his association with empiricism, experiment and induction.  He made careful observation of the natural world and collected as much data as possible and then he would draw conclusions or general laws”. As for Descartes, “He argued that the scientist starts with an idea subjects it to logical, mathematical reasoning and finally tests it against the natural world”. It is a blast for our writers to be able to provide you with writing, editing and/or proofreading help. 

     “Enlightenment thinkers and followers believed that reason and secularism were necessary for political, economic, and social progress. The Enlightenment can attribute many of its ideas to the Scientific Revolution; however, the Scientific Revolution concerned itself with the use of reason and the scientific method in order to discover the laws governing the physical world while the Enlightenment was concerned with using reason to discover laws governing society”.

     Your essay may be called Enlightenment and revolution, in which you could present the information upon the above in an intelligible form. It will enrich your luggage of knowledge and help you with writing. The more you know, the better. Take a chance, accept the challenge with all the following risk. The worst thing occurring is a bad mark. People can live with it. People live with worse. If you are not sure about whether you are able of doing it on your own or not, ask for help online. Our service is always open for a discussion, is always ready to help.