Empathy Essay


     Our previous article was about Emily Dickinson. life is very hectic these days and to write an essay on empathy is a chance to make a stop and write upon relations between people. Everyone is busy with their own lives and there is no time to listen to others, to give some good piece of an advice, to help with at least a little something.

     Essays on empathy help already because a person reads a paper and it makes the person think upon his/her life and lives of others. People of today have up sleeve unfortunately. They follow the principle that it is no business of their so they prefer not to be involved unless it concerns them personally. 

     To be sensitive and caring when things concern other people`s troubles is a rarity nowadays. There are surely many things to take care about at our time and the further it goes, the more things seem to appear but it does not mean that one should forget totally about others and their problems. One never knows when s/he might need assistance by others. Our writers are ready to help with any type of work. 

     Every generation has a set of concerns of their own. Everything depends upon the time and life circumstances people live in, age and social status. Everyone has interest of their own and it is clear. Young people do not tend to concern much unless this something concerns them too. With years only we jump to a conclusion that sympathy is important and that it is essential to be sympathetic.

     Try to put yourself in other person`s shoes. It might help to realize the problem and to understand the importance of giving a helping hand. Career, money, profit, their interests and preferences are the values of people in contemporary world. No one says you must forget about yourself and your life but to take into account life behind your interests and hobbies. It will enrich your worldview, help to make new friends and open up new opportunities.

     There are so many situations in this world to feel empathy about: neglected children, broken marriages, betrayal, insanity, incurable diseases, death. The era we live in, the era of computer technologies, makes it to where we forget about people and their troubles. Only thing we care about is when the new movie is coming out and where to order a product online for a cheaper price. We forget about an important conference our friend told us about the other day he was to attend or a mother who suffers from diabetes and needs help with her diet.

     To have no empathy means to be egoistic and selfish. Would you want someone egoistic to be around you? Your answer is most likely no. Therefore, make a wise decision, jump to a conclusion and what was your close person saying just now? Our service welcomes you and offers its professional help!