Elements of an Argumentative Essay


     In our previous post, we talked about such a famous master of American horror in literature as Edgar Allan Poe. In one of our previous posts, we have already talked about argumentative essay as a separate kind of essay. Argumentative essay means an essay with help of which an author provides with arguments in order to persuade readers in what you are trying to say. All the arguments have main points. Every essay has a thesis statement which is summed up in the main idea. 

     Focus, organization, analysis, explanation, evidence, counterargument refuting are the elements of such kind of an essay. Focus means that it is focused on something. Organization is about its structure. The points are analyzed, explained, provided with evidence with a counterargument refuted.

     The topics for an argumentative essay can be any really. Once you have all the arguments on your hands, you may feel free to write an argumentative essay. If you are not sure as for your writing skills, apply for help online and our service will make it work for you. Our team of writers will assist you happily.

     For your information, an essay should contain an introductory paragraph, support, a refutation and a conclusion. Introduction may include background information. After the introduction, body paragraph (-s) goes. It presents with the main points to discuss. Refutation means acknowledgment the opposition. Conclusion serves for repeating the thesis statement of an essay and summing up all of the above.

      Talking with friends and trying to persuade them is the same. You just do it orally while to write an argumentative essay means to do it in a written form. It will not be difficult for you once you have enough arguments. If you did not convince anyone or did not make anyone at least to think about what you had to write, you may consider your work to be done in vain or it was not an argumentative essay at all.

     If you have not change your mind as for writing an argumentative essay and you already are aware of its elements, make sure the chosen topic is debatable so there was something to debate on. Just any topic does not fit in. you cannot just say that you like green tea. You need to provide with reasons why you prefer it but not black tea for example, give arguments as for its advantages and what side effects it might cause if any.

     To make it sound smoothly and flow like a river, do not forget to include transition words into your paper. That is concerning the structure of an essay. Argument essays are the most common kind of college assignments in general and essays in particular. It is needless to say that an essay should be logical and has to have ending when you come to its ending otherwise it will be opened. Of course, an essay may have an open character but it does not concern argumentative essays.