Edgar Allan Poe Essay


     Previously, to remind you, we had a talk about economic globalization. Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be one of the most famous American authors and a master of horror. The Pit and the Pendulum is one of the best known novels written by him. Representatives of Gothic subculture put his books in the first place when it comes to the most vivid examples of Gothic literature because the horror he provided with was real terrifying but not disgusting like modern horror is. 

     Another classical novel of horror written by Edgar Allan Poe is Annabelle Lee. Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be a representative of not Gothic literature only but also a detective genre. He is mentioned in the same breath with O. Henry and Guy de Maupassant. Edgar Allan Poe essays just like an essay on any other poet and a writer contain biographical moments of his life, the most popular pieces of writing; if you are to write upon this person, consider yourself lucky or maybe you are a big fan of his talent already? Either way, you may also write The Raven Edgar Allan Poe essay.

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     Once you write an Edgar Allan Poe essay, should mention his dependency on alcohol and drugs. Just like any other human being, he had his bad habits, his weak spots. Also, another ell known fact is that he was married to his cousin who on the moment of their wedding was only thirteen years old.

      Edgar Poe`s mental health was deteriorated especially after his wife`s death. An attempt to rehabilitate was made but nothing worked out and as a result, Poe was found in a stupor near the hospital he was taken to. He died when he was 40 years old. Despite the peculiarities of his nature, Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be one of the stars of American literature in the row with Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain. His contribution into the world`s literature is undoubtful. He is also an author of a few comic and satirical writings.

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