Dystopia Essay


     Last time we were talking about drunk driving and its consequences. Normally, when a person hears of a word the definition of which s/he does not know and never even heard of, this person feels inconvenient and awkward the least. If that is a young mind of a student who were assigned to work upon an essay on, let us say, dystopia, first thing this student feels would be panic picturing dictionaries and looking them through in order to find out what on Earth dystopia means. 

     Some could heard utopia though. Especially if are acquainted with such authors as George Orwell and Thomas More. They have been writing on social issues. Utopia is something people believe in but it is very unlikely to happen. Dystopia is all about outlook onto the future under the negative light. Utopians believe in good, they believe in improvements through different new technologies while Dystopians demolish what will happen in the future leaving no hope for good.

     If to speak about dystopian literature you may use for your essay on dystopia, the following authors are to be mentioned: Aldous Huxley, Yevgeny Zamyatin and H. G. Wells. Reading has never done any harm unless it is for a good purpose such as accomplish a task in the form of an essay for your school or a college.

      Despite its rather negative message, dystopian literature, which is fiction is very popular. It is successful both commercially and critically. It inspires the modern writers of the genre among whom are Suzette Haden Elgin, Vlady Kocinacich and Zoë Fairbairns. Today`s world is full of negative factors influencing life of everyone. There are diseases, natural disasters and military conflicts, the prices on products and services get higher while the salaries remain the same and the situation does not seem to get better any time soon.

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