Drunk Driving Essay


     Last time we were discussing a divorce cause and effect. Hopefully, it was helpful enough to write an essay on it or to persuade you to place an order so the essay was written for you. Drunk driving essays just like texting while driving is on the front burner especially nowadays because it is very common for many to drink and swap messages while driving. It would be up to the point to write about lowering the drinking age to 18. Teenagers drink a lot, more than teenagers of the past centuries which is especially dangerous because of there to be an opportunity to drive. 

     It is a great chance to write an argumentative essay on drinking age and it will be helpful for you and your peers. You will be able to provide with enough arguments upon why it is dangerous to drink while or before driving and text when you drive. Underage drinking essays are quite popular these days. Professors do not choose something, which is out of fashion to speak. Well, sometimes they do when students are assigned to write upon classic pieces of literature. Though, history repeats itself and there are many lessons can be taken out of old and even ancient pieces of writings. Thus, do not take them as some lame scribblings. Our writers are ready to provide with more information if required. 

     It is no surprise that young people die in the car accidents because of drinking while driving or hurt themselves very badly. This is why it is very important to write such an essay, it might serve well, serve as a warning for people not to that. Even you should understand and agree that drinking and operating a car are incompatible. It is easy to understand because no one would want to die in a car accident even though some like the idea to die young. It is joking in most cases and the fact of famous people to die young makes teenagers want the same thing. It is not a panacea though.

     Alcoholism is a common problem of many countries, it goes without saying. Alcoholism among youth is another huge problem and drinking while driving is a separate problem too, which is to be worked out. With this aim, there is a law, according to which it is forbidden to buy alcohol drinks under 21 years old in the United States of America and under 18 years old in Europe. Youth is unstoppable especially if they want to drink and they figure out how to do it easily by asking adults to buy drinks for them. Consequences are terrible, from woo fits to death…

     It is unlikely something to happen to prevent people from buying alcohol drinks because this is the way for people to relax and have fun. They forget about their problems. Even young minds thinking they have problems choose this way to relax and forget about them while there are many others ways to relief such as going for sports or just a walk with friends, cinema, theater, exhibition, horse riding after all. If they think they have problems now, what will happen when they face with real problems once they are grown up? Some become adults earlier due to teenage pregnancy or incurable diseases. This is when they realize that life has changed but a person`s attitude is the most important and it helps to deal with any kind of problem.

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