Divorce Cause And Effect Essay


    Diversity in the workplace was the topic of our previous essay. Divorce essay is a complicated task not just because of it is an essay but because of the topic. Divorce has always been one of the most troublesome matters and to write a cause and effect essay upon this is a huge assignment demanding understanding of the problem from different perspectives and to know some on psychology. 

     Lately, divorces began happening more and more often. One may surely say that it is normal at present days. The causes of divorce vary. There are many reasons of divorce. Everything depends upon a spouse. There are a lot of reasons why divorce happens among which are lack of money, no mutual understanding between the spouses, unfaithfulness, alcohol and drug abuse, immaturity of one of the partners causes divorce as well, or one of the spouses happen to change sexual orientation and many others. In case of any queries, ask our writers for help. 

     To be married means to be able to love other person from the bottom of one`s heart, to give apart from taking and to make compromises. Some say love does not exist or that commitment does not last for long. Being on a daily draft ruins everything, kill all the romantics. People say that spouses remain in a married mode until hard times happen. Once there are problems, goodbye happy married life.

     People think of money too much. Once there are no financial ability to do something or to buy something, it ruins everything and make people angry. To say that money do not have any role when it comes to marriage and society is to say nothing because no matter what one may say, money do matter and have a great influence on life in general and married life in particular. 

     More than half of divorce cases are caused by financial disability. Divorce is a result of inability to maintain what marriage brings. Marriage is not all white and fluffy. There are even more problems after marriage. It is funny how movies end with the words: “…and they lived happily ever after…” thinking that marriage is the end of troubles while it is only the beginning. If you liked the article, our service will be more than just happy to assist you in writing your paper!

     It is another reason to think twice before you leap and dive into the ocean of marriage. People think carefully and delay marriage until their 30 in order to see something in this world apart from married life because for many marriage is end of the game. One is free before married but some enjoy married life and being free at the same time. It depends on the people`s attitude. Therefore, think positive and strive for challenges. Life is more interesting then and writing an essay is such a small challenge if to compare with what life has to offer, what life in marriage hides :)