Capital Punishment Essay


     The opinion on capital punishment or death penaltyis debatable. It is rather impossible to define it with one word. On the one hand, there are people who stand for it with all the understanding of the fact that it is inhuman and cruel.

     Life is given by God and a human being has no right to take it away. There are cases though when people should pay for what they have done for the price of their own lives. It happens in the case when a human being takes life of another human being. One should pay for a cruel murder, including murdering of children, a horsing on helpless people, torturing or for other sophisticated crimes: for example, a bureaucrat stole money, which were in store of sick children treatment, and the latter died. 

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     At the same time people understand that implementation of capital punishment is unlikely to make the number of crimes smaller. If somebody defied a sense of humanity, he does not have a right for indulgence.

     They say that life sentence for many criminals is worse than a capital punishment. Opinions differ. Andrei Chikatilo, a serial killer and a maniac, was afraid of the execution very much was writing petitions for pardon to the outmost. He wanted to live. Can you imagine how happy it would make him if a capital punishment was replaced with life sentence for him. He would be sitting in his individual cell reading books. Does it even a punishment for terrible things he has done?!

     On the other hand, there are still people who would not want a capital punishment to be implemented in the country they live in at this point and time. There is an article, which changed many people`s opinions after they read it. Our service will gladly share a piece with you and maybe you might feel like cooperating with us in further to receive credible papers on any topics.

     The article was about justice. It was about the fact that justice is not that developed as of yet. What if a person is not guilty? What if s/he was set up? What if judicial scrutiny or court did not wish for finding out the truth? What if police caught the ball before the bound arresting the first person caught? For example, someone who was “just passing by” was caught up instead of a maniac? Here is a case from Ukraine: when a serial killer Anatoly Onoprienko was tried to be caught, a male stranger was caught first. He was beaten up in order to confess and died under torture.  

      If a person is put to jail under wrong accusations, there is a chance that a real criminal will be caught and the justice is served. Thus, in mentioned above Ukraine, a not guilty person spent 5 years in jail as a serial killer. No one wanted to talk to his family. Then, a real criminal was caught and the man was set free. If he was executed, there would nothing be left but to apologize to him post-mortem. Speaking of which, a man was executed for the crime Andrei Chikatilo committed.

     Curiously enough, a capital punishment is to be implemented within a country with developed system of justice only. Otherwise, instead of punishing evil within a society, it will become another evil.