5 Arguments Pro and Con of Death Penalty You Should Think of


     Death penalty is a philosophical dilemma just like animal testingand it is not as abstract as it might seem to be at first sight. Does one person even the one conferring powers acting on behalf of the country have a right to reave another of life. Below, you will get to see five pros and cons arguments to support each position:

Cons: punishing but no learning

     Why do you punish your children? Nowise for pleasure have (parents always worried when they are to recourse to “repressive” methods towards their children) and not for showing parental power. We stand them in a corner or spank them so the child could learn lesson forever and never did it again. from the perspective of criminal law, punishment pursue three aims: social fairness recovery, convicted person correction and avoidance of new crimes. Death penalty, probably, helps to attain two of them) especially preventive one), definitely does not rehabilitate the convinced person though, admit it, it is difficult to change when you are dead.  

     Pro: the final warning

     China is considered to be the least corrupted world`s country as long as death penalty is entitled for bribe taking. Indeed, death penalty is a powerful limiting factor for criminals: accordingly to criminological studies, this kind of punishment has the uppermost preventive coefficient – fear of death “saves” people from wrongdoings. Moreover, there are known cases, when a criminal attempting the life, saved his victim because he knew that he will ride the lightening as a result. Therefore, death penalty is the most important and the most efficient factor of crime rate dilution. You may find out even more upon this, get to know Us closer! 

Cons: it does not work

     If a person knows that a punishment follows a crime, why the number of wrong doings does not grow smaller? In accordance with law enforcement agency`s statistics, there were more than 175 thousands crimes committed in Russia in January 2013 only, 9,5 thousands out of which are serious. On the average per month, there are 24 kidnaps, 13 attacks by bandits, 700 facts of willful damages causing death of injured person, as the phrase goes, the numbers tell the stories best.    

Pros: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

     Historically, death penalty came out of the principle of blood vengeance: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Destroying an opponent physically, relatives of the victim felt themselves revenged. Of course, the murdered one would not care but his near and dear ones do. They can hardly take it in that the “beast” who tore to pieces their son, husband or brother would live and besides at the expense of taxpayers. There are currently 1 832 convicted for imprisonment for the term of natural life in Russian correctional institutions. Many relatives of their victims would be happy if moratorium was cancelled.

Cons: it is a hypocrisy

     Struggle against criminals with the methods of their own is not only pointless but also stupid because death penalty, in point of fact, defending the right to life of one person reeving another of this right. “Ted” Bundy, an American serial killer who killed 35 people the least, liked to kill. It was some sort of a game for him but what makes people carrying into execution daily differ from “nylon” Ted? That it is their job?

Pros: there is nothing scarier than death

     Before he ended up on an electric chair, Ted Bundy spent 10 years in prison. Long judicial examinations and appellations “presented” a cruel murderer 10 more years of life. He gave interviews multiple times for this time telling that he is not guilty in all his sins but pornography becoming addicted to which at tender age there was no other way he could perceive women but an object for satisfaction his sexual needs. Admitting his misdeeds, Bundy did not consider himself a bad man as he was trying hard for the death penalty to be replaced with life sentence. Rest of his life spent in jail did not scare him but he was afraid of death. He had a few suicidal impulsions but he died of electric charge.    

Cons: it is cruel

     Execution, hanging, lapidating, injection, electric chair, decapitation, gas chamber is the list of death penalty types, which are put to practice these days. Almost each of them “presents” with momentary painless death but what the moments of waiting are worth of… John Wayne Gacy, Jr , a clown killer, who raped and killed 33 young people (including a few teenagers), was afraid of death to death which is why the sentence was decided to put into practice through death injection. Everything went wrong though: thiopental, successfully put him to sleep, then pancuronium was supposed to paralyze lungs and the last thing potassium muriate, which makes heart stop at once but the latter stuck within a tube and this made Gacy suffocate greatly for several minutes. After all, in accordance with European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, “nobody is supposed to be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or humiliating his dignity treatment or punishment.”

  Pros: it is cruel but not always

     The case with Gacy is exceptional but not a rule and it is unlikely for someone out of supervising officers carrying out sentence felt sorry for him knowing the the day before the raper and killer had well done shrimps, chickens, fried potatoes and strawberries and his final words were “kiss my ass.” Almost all of the applied death penalty types are human enough: thus, while executing, the convinced has his eyes closed and then, there are five flash-like shootings in the heart without any warning. This is an instant death.

Cons: a prison is already a hell

     Everybody knows what is waiting for a pedophile, for example, in prison: zeks will punish him in their own way. This is why criminals of the kind are put into separate cells where they face their main enemy – loneliness. Zacarius Moussaoui, a terrorist, one of the participants of events in September 11, 2001 was brought in a verdict in 2006 – six sentences to life with no right to be prematurely released. Now, he is serving his sentence in a federal supermax-security prison. The terrorist has its chamber concrete with a tiny horizontal window, a stone stool, a bed and a table. He goes out five times a week for a one hour and a half walk on his own. Video camera follow Moussaoui `s each step. As for activities, he is allowed to read and write only.

            Pros: punishment speaks of a crime

     One of the justice`s principles is a correspondence of a punishment taking into account the greatness of one`s crime. Several years of deprivation of freedom for a robbery? Let us say, for what equivalent of murder? It is unlikely for a deprivation of freedom is considered to be fair measure of punishment concerning maniacs and terrorists, on whose heads are thousands innocent victims. The answer is there: death penalty is an adequate punishment for such a serious crime as deliberate deprivation of life. If you agree or want anything to be added, feel free to apply to our service for additional assistance!