Biology Extended Essay


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     What  do we need biology as a science for? What role does it play in our life? Why is it obligatory to learn at school?

     Biology is a science about how live nature functions. To know biology means to know the laws of nature in accordance with which all the organisms live. A human being is a part of nature even though the humans were the ones who created civilization. All of us came out of nature and will return to nature.

     It is useful to know the chapter of biology meaning botanics, which is a study about plants. Finding out more about plants, one can easily see the difference between the pants. It makes it to where one finds out which ones are poisonous, which ones are nutritious, which can be used and how. It is also important to know botanics so you could nurse, farm, if that is going to be necessary. One cannot nurse even a houseplant without knowing basic knowledge in the area of botanics.

     This is also why it is important to know zoology, which is a science about animals living next to us, humans. It is important to understand the value of wild animals just as well, who do not bring any use to a human. But every creature in the world of nature keeps the balance within it  and it makes it to where all the others may live.

     To know anatomy is important for everyone who respects oneself and what s/he is up to. Anatomy is a science about the way a human body works. Knowledge in this area is important to know every day taking care about one`s health and health of the family members.

     Everyone knows that getting sick, we take medicine. Most medications are received from plants and microbial products. For example, lives of hundreds millions of people, were saved due to using antibiotics. They are produced by certain kinds of fungus and bacteria. Antibiotics kill agents of human and animals diseases.

     Biology plays a great role in providing humanity with products. Scientists create heavy-productive variety and breeds of animals, which makes it to where it is possible to get more food stuff. Researches of biologists are directed to saving and soil enrichment, which provides with heavy crop. Life forms are widely used in the sphere of industry just as well. For instance, sour milk, butter milk, cheese are received due to activity of certain kinds of fungus and bacteria.

     However, active and often like ill-considered human economic activities lead to a great pollution of environment with substances, which are harmful to all flesh, forest clearance, steppe and lakes.

     Over the course of the past century, thousands of kinds of animals, plants and fungus and dozens of thousands are being pushed towards extinction. Disappearance of one species of organisms means irretrievable loss for biological diversity of our planet. This is why scientists make lists of plants species, animals and fungus who require protection (so called Red Books), and also emphasize areas, where these species are taken under protection (reservations, national natural parks, etc).  

     It is not too much to say that modern biology is one of the most important natural sciences for humanity. It is related to the fact that biology forms the basis of medicine, science one of the directions of which is to prevent humanity from illnesses and diseases making people stronger. It is a scientific base in farming sector and foodstuff production, deficit of which are becoming more and more noticeable every day. By means of modern biological technologies in the nearest time change over to biofuel is possible, which in scientists` point of view, will help to get through the economic crisis if necessary. And in any case, namely biology is the key to harmonious existence of a human being and nature, which is a compulsory condition not only sustainable development of modern civilization but also humanity existence. 50 years ago, humanity connected its future with technical progress: cosmic flights, high power machinery design, nuclear power engineering, creating huge reservoirs, changing the directions the rivers flow, now it has become obvious that increasing production of material benefits is unlimitedly connected with nature destruction. As a result, not only forests, lakes, rivers, animals and plants suffered many species of whom have died and are to die soon but also humanity.

     Life sciences have become the main priority of modern society development. This is what scientists, publicity and politicians are focused on. For example, such an achievement of modern biology as mapping on the human genome was announced in 2000 by American president and British prime-minister. It is for a reason. If humanity felt to the extent all the positive and negative consequences of achievements in chemistry and physics in XX century, then in XXI century many outstanding scientists of today, announced as century of biological danger.

     Also, in these latter days, prevention of misuse of environment resources, improper attitude to live objects and nature overall are on the front burner. Science came close to the line behind which the mystery of life is hidden. It is impossible to predict today what a free manipulation by this mystery will end up with.

     Despite of creating new species of plants and animals breeds, the number of starving on the planet do not become smaller. The reason is climate changes to begin with, leading to drought and bad harvest.   

     Therefore, biology is a science about life itself, nothing more or less. It is not for nothing called “bios”, which means life.

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