Bipolar Disorder Essay:Symptoms


     Previously, we were talking about Huckleberry Finn in case you need an essay on Huckleberry Finn. Of course, it is better to read a book so you could have an idea what it is all about and today we are going to talk about bipolar disorder. It is also known as manic-depressive illness, which is a mental illness for which rapid mood changing, energy gap and functional performance are typical. Unlike normal mood changing, with its ups and downs, which reside in everyone, symptoms of bipolar disorder may lead to very serious consequences. They are able to ruin personal relationships, has its influence on the quality of work or educational achievement, and even lead to suicide. Luckily for us, it is possible to cure bipolar disorder and patients are able to lead a healthy productive life.

     When it comes to symptoms of the illness, there are mania and depression should be mentioned, the following is spoken of:  

  • Increased energy, excitement and anxiety;
  • Unbelievable arousal, too high, euphoric mood;
  • Chaotic thinking, fast pace of speech, leaping;
  • Distractibility, inability to focus;
  • Decreased need for sleep;
  • Baseless assurance in one`s own possibilities and capabilities;
  • Inadequate assessment of a situation;
  • Tender-mindedness, wastefulness;
  • Extended period when behavior is totally different from normal;
  • Hypersexual activity;
  • Taking drugs, especially cocaine, alcohol and remedy against insomnia;
  • Provoking, intrusive and aggressive behavior;
  • Denial of the fact that something is wrong.

     Manic episode becomes a diagnosis if a state of excitement is accompanied by three or more symptoms, lasting for much of a day, almost every day, during a week or longer. For establishing a final diagnosis in the condition of annoyance, presence of four more symptoms is required.   

     As for depressive episode:

  • Sustained sadness, anxiety and burnout;
  • Feeling of despair or pessimism;
  • Feeling of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness;
  • Losing of interest or satisfaction from those knowledge, which used to bring joy including sex;
  • Decreased level of energy, feeling of constant fatigue or retardation;
  • Troubles focusing, memorizing things or decision making;
  • Anxiety or impatience;
  • Excessive sleepiness or insomnia;
  • Appetite changing/unpurposed loss, body weight gain;
  • Chronic pain or other unstoppable symptoms of bad feeling, which are no result of physical disease or trauma;
  • Thoughts of death and suicide, attempt to kill oneself.

Depressive episode becomes a diagnosis in case of five or more symptoms appear much of a day, almost every day, during two more weeks.

     In particular cases nasty form of mania and depression is accompanied by symptoms of psychosis (or psychotic symptoms). Among the common psychotic symptoms are hallucinations (sound, visual or else) and nonsense (corrupted, implicitly accepted beliefs, which have no logical basis and which do not draw on cultural experience of a human being). A person with a bipolar disorder has a tendency to reflect an extreme condition of a patient at given instant. For example, on manic phase, megalomania can be seen when a person is sure of being a president or any other authority. In the period of depressive phase, delusions of being guilty can be seen. In this condition, a patient can be mistakenly diagnosed with schizophrenia, which is another serious mental illness. One can imagine phases of bipolar disorder in the form of spectrum or continuous scale. There is a nasty form of depression on the one hand of the scale, moderately severe depression goes next. Then goes a condition of depression, which, due to its short duration is called blues by many. It is dysthymia in medical parlance becoming chronic.

      Then normal or balanced mood goes after which hypomania comes. It is weak or average form of mania. Then, in the end, a nasty form of mania appears.

     There are patients with both, mania and depression symptoms at the same time. Such a condition is called mixed bipolar disorder. In such a case, a symptomatology includes restlessness, sleep disturbance, drastic changes of appetite, psychoses and suicidal thoughts.

     Thus, feeling sad and useless, a patient feels over excited at the same time.

     Bipolar disorder is not always a result of psychological problems but happens also due to drug and alcohol abuse, problems at work or school/college, troubles in private life.

     Characteristics and symptoms of suicidal intent:

  • Talks of suicidal intent and wish to die;
  • Feeling of despair; feeling that anything will never change;
  • Feeling oneself a burden for family and friends;
  • Alcohol and drug abuse;
  • Arranging matters;
  • Writing a death note;
  • Wish to taste danger.

     Episodes of mania and depression usually are repeated during a lifetime. Most patients suffering from bipolar disorder there is no symptomatology between the episodes, however, approximately one third of patients have residual symptoms. A small part of patients feels chronic continuous symptoms of bipolar disorder in spite of treatment.               

     Even pregnant women, children and teenagers may suffer from this mental illness. Children of parents who suffer from bipolar disorder, are susceptible to such a disorder most of all. There is even faster changing in mood, from depression to mania, than adults have besides within one day. It is very difficult to see the difference between bipolar disorder and other kinds of illnesses such as minimal brain damage, hyperactivity, oppositional defiant disorder, behavioral disorder or other types of serious mental diseases for instance, which are more likely to happen with adults such as schizophrenia or depression when it comes to a child or a teenager. You may find more detailed information here.

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