Beloved Toni Morrison Essay


     In our previous article, we have discussed Benjamin Franklin. There are actually a lot of topics we discussed for quite short period of time. Our blog develops rapidly and vividly. We are welcome you on its pages and would like you to view the following article dedicated to next literary piece and it is Beloved by Toni Morrison.

     For those ones of you who have not read anything this author has written, you have a chance to do it now as long as you need a paper to be written upon it. It is Toni Morrison`s first novel and bestseller awarded with Pulitzer`s prize in 1988 and Nobel Prize afterwards in the year 1993. It is based on a true story happened in Ohio in 80`s of XIX century, a story of a black-skinned slave who kills her daughter so she was not a slave too. In an adapted of the same name screenplay, nominated for Oscar in 1998 where a superstar of American television Oprah Winfrey played the main character. 

     The novel is a view on slavery. The main character was born a slave and she escapes to Ohio. 18 years have passed but she is still not free. She have too many memories about those terrible things happened to her in her past. Finding a new home, the ghost of her passed away daughter does not leave her alone. She died nameless and there is only beloved word on her gravestone.

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