Benjamin Franklin Essay


     In our previous article we were discussing writing a thematic essay on belief systems. Now, we are to talk about Benjamin Franklin who was a political person, diplomat, scientist, inventor, journalist, publisher, one of the USA independence war`s leaders, lived in France in 1871 working as an ambassador of the USA. During this period of time he wrote an essay on meteorism. The essay was entitled as Farting proudly. It was addressed to Brussels Royal Academy of Science scientists. Studying the research papers of the latest times, Franklin jumped to conclusion that instead of researching really interesting and useful lines in the sphere of science, scientists waste their time and public money on pointless, impracticable and pretentious research papers. The essay was never published and remained in the letters to friends only. 

      Our writers are here for you in case of any help with writing, editing and proofreading required. We want you to know that even though you are not our regular customer as of yet, we are sure for you to become one soon after you order your first paper. You will be amazed with all the diversity of the topics we are ready to provide you with within the ordered papers, the types of work vary just as well. As for Benjamin Franklin, he made a significant discovery in the area of electricity. The unit of electricity quantity was named after him – Fr. He was also an author of theory of naval architecture. He was chosen to be a member of Scientific Royal Society and he was prized with the Copley medal for his scientific works.  

     Those parents, who want to rise their children in truly American spirit, make sure their children know about whom Benjamin Franklin was. For American children, he is like Lomonosov and Lenin for Russian children in the one skin. Who was he? A perfect American? People throughout the world have mixed feelings towards him. Mark Twain wrote a humorous story entitled as Passed Away Benjamin Franklin where cracking wicked jokes laughing at his great compatriot. He does not recommend eating water and bread only and learning astronomy while eating, which spoiled many boys whose fathers read the biography. Franklin`s biography is an example of how a person can reach whatever s/he wants despite the origin.

     Franklin as an active person and a man of many accomplishments often felt lack of time. He develops a system to time control in order to take control of it. Due to the system he was able to do this much through his lifetime. This system is an intellectual memorial to the great American. Our service welcomes you and would want to invite you to order a paper. Your paper will be written in the best possible way. The service should have professionals in its team and we do, which makes us different. See for yourself and you will have no regrets for choosing us!