Azis Ansari Essay: Smile Immediately!


     If to go back and look through the previous article, there was an article on autobiography for your attention. Reading the article, you will get to know how to write an autobiography of your own and maybe even help your friends to write autobiographies for them.

     In our today`s article, we are to talk about comedy and one of its representatives, a comedian whose name is Aziz Ansari. You might have not heard of him before. Now you have a chance to get acquainted with him through reading upon him and writing an essay upon his funny activity.

     It is always a pleasure to find out new things. Some things we get to know on pleasure, some due to the necessity to study. College assignments may be fun though just almost like Aziz Ansari himself. Studying is fun if to have a proper attitude. Replace worries and doubts with joy and positive feelings and smile together with Aziz Ansari. 

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     It is an art to be an actor. It is an art to be able to make people smile, or cry or both. It is a high scale mastership. Some study to obtain it at special schools, some do not even study it. They are nature born actors.

     As for Aziz in particular, he graduated New York university marketing department. He considered himself to be an atheist. He took part in theatrical performance often enough. There are plenty of performances under his belt. He starred in the following films: Reno 911, School of Scoundrels, Human Giant, Flight of the Conchords, the Rocker, Worst Week, I love you, Man, Observe and Report, Funny People, Parks and Recreation, Get Him to the Greek, 30 Minutes or Less, What`s Your Number? Ice Age: Continental Drift, This Is the End, Epic, Date of Switch, Master of None. Therefore, as you can see, there is quite enough to get familiar with the creative potential of the actor and see him in motion. He goes on tours brining joy to his fans.

     At the time, Aziz Ansari is away on his fourth big tour in terms of which his next film called Aziz Ansari: Concert in Madison Square Garden is shoot. He likes pizza (who doesn`t?) and can watch several episodes of drama in a row. Every day he spends one or two hours browsing through Internet reading pointless nonsense. Then he read Google News and/or New York Times. After that, he watches movie trailers, etc and uses it for his work. His friend once told him not to plan to work six hours a day. Start working one hour a day. It means that if you stay focused on your work, one hour is enough to make it complete. One cannot be finished with comic stuff. If, for example, a classic musician may say that he is done with this or that play, comic play is endless. It always changes and develops. You can take Aziz Ansari as your motivational character. He is a human being just like everyone else. He watches sitcoms, eats pizza and surfs through Internet. He stars in films and takes part in theatrical performances at the same time. He is the one should start watching a new TV-serial for.    

     Our service could provide you with more information if necessary. If you are interested and in case you found the article entertaining and useful for your essay, contact us and we will help you. One does not have to become another Aziz Ansari. One may follow his example though. A person at such a young age was able to become this popular is worth of attention and respect.