Autism Essay: Reasons, Symptoms, Characteristics


     The diversity of topics within our blog is impressive. Last time, we talked about the book, which made Lee Harper worldwide famous. Today, we are to talk about autism, its symptoms, characteristics and reasons. Usually, hearing about such a phenomenon in a medical field, the Rain Man movie with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman comes to one`s mind. It is classic but people have difficulties with definition of what exactly autism means. To pure some light on it, our writers would accomplish a paper on autism for you.

     To help you to provide insight into the phenomenon of autism, here is what you should know about it. Autism is a mental development impairment, characterized by disordered motor activity and speech disturbance, which leads to social interaction impairment. This disease influences largely on a child`s precocity and on his/her whole life in further. There are no medical analyses, which would be able to diagnose the disease. one is able to diagnose autism only through a child`s behavior observation and his/her communication with others.

     Children suffering from autism do not wish to make friends. They prefer to be on their own, instead of playing with children of the same age. The development of speaking abilities is rather slow among autist children; oftentimes they use gestures instead of words and do not reply to smiles. Boys suffer from autism four times more than girls do. This disease happen to occur quite often (5-20 cases out of 10 000 children).

     Some children show the symptoms of autism at a very young age. More often than not, autism appears up to 3-year-old age. Symptoms of disease may change in accordance with age and development level of a child.

     Behavioral responses used to describe the syndrome of autism:

  1. Disturbed development of nonverbal and verbal communication. Typical:
  • No mimics and gestures. Might be no speaking.
  • A child never smiles at the one whom he talks with, never looks him in the eyes.
  • Speaking abilities are fine but a child is unable to communicate with others.
  • Speech is abnormal in the terms of content and form meaning a child to repeat phrases s/he heard somewhere but these phrases do not concern the situation.
  • A speech is abnormal phonetically (problems with intonation, rhythm, monotony of speech).  
  • Social skills disturbance. Typical:
  • Children do not want to communicate and make friends with other children of their age.
  • Ignorance of feelings and existence of other people (even parents).
  • Children do not share their problems as long as they do not see the point.
  • Children never echo mimics, other people gestures or repeat these actions unconsciously, having no connections with the situation.  

     2 Imagination disturbance, which leads to limited range of interest. Typical:

  • Unnatural, nervous, afoolness kind of behavior.
  • Hysterics when environment changes.
  • Preferences to spend time on one`s own, to play with oneself.
  • Lack of imagination and interest to imaginary events.
  • Tend to show interest to a certain subject having a fixed idea to hold it in hands all the time.
  • Focus on one thing.

     People suffering from autism are notable for indirect development, which gives them a chance to be talented in some certain field (music, mathematics). It is typical for autism so social, thinking and speech skills were disturbed.

     As for the reasons of autism, some specialists believe that it is due to birth defects, traumatic brain injuries, infections. Another group of scientists considers autism to childhood schizophrenia. There is a school of thought about congenital brain dysfunction.

     There is a strong possibility that congenial fragility of emotions play a great role in autism development. In such cases, a child closes up from the outside world under some unfavorable factors.

     To conclude, our service would want to provide with information upon diagnostics of autism. As has already been mentioned, doctors are unable to detect a child with autism at once. The reason of this is that symptoms of autism are observed during of development of a normal child as well. Due to that, the diagnosis is often made with a delay. A diverse display is typical for autism. A child might have two or three symptoms only, which makes it even more difficult to diagnose. The main symptom of autism is a imperceptions of reality.

     A child suffering from autism does not want to contact with anyone. It seems as if s/he does not even feel any pain. Speaking abilities are developed slowly. A child is afraid of every new thing, does monotonous and repeating motions.

     Once autism was detected, parents should immediately visit a child psychiatrist. Nowadays, there are plenty of centers for child development where the disease is to be diagnosed and a child is to be provided with effective treatment.