Argumentative Essay on Child Abuse


     Child abuse is a difficult matter to discuss. It is real; it does happen in everyday life no matter how hard one tries to get away with it, to hide from it. We have already discussed animal abuse in one of our recent blogposts. Everyone got used to think that home where s/he is loved and taken care of is the safest place for every child. Home walls and parents truly seem to be the best guards for every kid in this world, which is why it is always so surprising to see the following statistics that more than 50 000 of children escape their homes every year saving themselves from cruel attitude. Those are not always children from neglected families in which some parents suffer from alcohol or drug addiction or have any of psychiatric disorders. You may find out more upon these factors contacting our writers. Our writing team is exceptional when it gets to accomplishing academic papers for students. The papers are accomplished exceptionally in terms of look and sound, with a full package of references, outline and cover letter if required. 

     The thing is that cases of child abuse happen in families, which might seem not simply normal but even perfect at the first sight. Some suffer speechlessly. Some – run forever. Some – commit suicide because do not see any other options. As long as you were assigned to work upon an essay on child abuse, let us look through the existing kinds of child abuse. Let us begin with psychological kind of abuse. It is constant or now and then abuse in words, threatening on behalf of parents, abasement of human dignity, accusations, constant lie let along demands which do not correspond his/her achievement age as a result of all that, a child loses trust in adults. It is probably the best known kind of abuse, which undeservingly deprived of public attention. Many people think that if to constantly push on a child, bend to submission at whatever the cost, it will not influence the child`s development, even on the contrary, may harden his/her character, and constant negligence and humiliation will help the child to become egotistic person full of him/herself in the future. It works the opposite way though. Consequences of psychological violence are terrible. They leave a trace in the abused child`s life, very few are truly able to overcome them.

     More often than not, cases of psychological abuse take place in those families where parents themselves were objects of psychological abuse or go through stressful situations they cannot deal with. It may be caused by not alcohol or drug addiction only, but also some serious disease of a child or someone out of a family, financial problems or social isolation when the family has no support on behalf of other family members or friends or simply lack of knowledge how to bring up children and which is a reason why they want too much from their kids. Some parents think that it is normal to scare children off so they grew up just right. Besides that, adults themselves who got used to such a stereotype of communication do not know any other.

     There are the following forms of psychological abuse:

  1. Repulsion.
  2. Negligence.
  3. Isolation.
  4. Terrorization.
  5. Indifference.
  6. Exploitation.
  7. Degradation.

The most common consequences of psychological abuse:

  1. Emotional problems as a result delay in a child`s emotional development. The child is unable to understand feelings of other people and faces with difficulties expressing own feelings.
  2. Self- depreciation. A child grows up being confident about his/her stupidity, ugliness, incapable of anything, deserving bad attitude only. Becoming an adult, such a person is sincerely surprised that someone cares what s/he think, etc.
  3. Problems in building relationships due to not only weak emotional development but also absolute absence of trust in other people.

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