American Exceptionalism Essay


     Many articles have been posted recently upon America and its culture. It is needless to say, that Americans are exceptional nation. Just like any other nation in general but it is a huge nation, which is super powerful and worth of being written an essay about. It is the nation many others would want to follow and do it, which is seen through such details as mode of dress.  

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     What does American exceptionalism mean? It means the nation to be different from others, special and above the rest in a way. They are a city on the hill. Our achievements make us special. Alexis de Tocqueville was the author of the term. Since the middle of the XIX century, the term is widely used by politicians and analytics. 

     Of course, every nation is special in its own way. There are peculiarities about every nation, each of which has a set of customs and traditions, each of which has its famous people a nation is proud of. The topic itself is quite complicated and to find out more, feel free to contact us and receive all the necessary information.     

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