American Dream Essay


     We have talked upon American culture in one of our previous blogposts. As for American dream, it is something what is considered to be a perfect picture of life in America including prosperity and success for every American citizen. Originally, the USA was one of a kind country within the eyes of Europeans with democracy, with no class division but a civil society. There was also a freedom of worship and religious tolerance of one religion towards the other, which is an absolute plus. Thus, an American had an incredible for the rest of the world freedom, which is why the USA got a title of the country of freedom in 19 century.

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     The main basics of the country of freedom are based on the declaration of independence for 1776 and ideas of James Adams in his the Epic of America book. The USA had what it took for American dream to become a reality for each citizen: those are natural resources, effective economy, convenient geographic position, far away from European conflicts. This is how a person could become successful due to the luck of his/her own, for example implementing a business idea of one`s own.

     There is no specific definition of the American dream. Everyone thinks of it as something s/he sees a bright future. It is widely accepted that American dream is a personal freedom and a freedom of enterprise; a self-made person and a well-paid job; reputation and the process of going from one social class to another, higher of course. In other words, American dream is some kind of a happiness standard in a society of consumption. Though for many citizens, American dream identifies with a house of one`s own, a car, a big friendly family and good neighbors. Statue of Freedom is one of the symbols of the American dream.

     In the times of cold war, party leaders of USSR was spreading anti American propaganda of the American dream, seeing eating hamburgers, popcorn and drinking Coca-Cola in the cinema or other public places within it.

     In conclusion, as David Brooks said that Americans live their lives dreaming of the future. In order to understand America, one should take seriously a central cliché of American life, which is American dream. Despite facing with boredom and banality of daily life, this dream makes us alive, empower us, makes us work so hard, move to other places, invent so actively and change so rapidly. We keep on striving for something new and unusual, in spite of the fact that it is not always bring us joy and benefits.

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