Agree or Disagree Essay


     Writing an essay, especially if that is something you as an author needs to agree or disagree with, you should make it sound persuasive enough so it was clear for your readers why you agree or disagree upon a matter. You have a chance to look through our argumentative pieces of writings just as well to make your paper credible.

     You need a topic to start with. You might actually be given one to write on. All you need to do is to make an introduction to it so it was not just a bare text upon your theme and you to agree or disagree upon it. Then, you need to give your reasons why you agree or disagree with details and examples and to conclude your paper. 

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     Meanwhile, here is an example. Read a following statement: A lot of children these days are addicted to social networks. Both, educational institutions and their parents bear responsibility for this. What do you agree or disagree with?

     There is plenty of disputable issues to talk about and express one`s thoughts and ideas on paper. Do not be afraid to be creative, do not be afraid to speak out. This is your chance, in the form of an essay, to tell the whole world what you have to tell!

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