African American Civil Rights Movement


     We have already talked about African-American civil rights movement in our previous article. The article was about one of the most vivid people taking the lead of the movement back in those times. His name was Martin Luther King and he engrained in American history and will always remain a personification of the fight for civil human rights.

     Historically it so happened that Afro-Americans were slaves and white people were their owners. All of them lived under the pressure of ball-breaker and violence on the part of their owners. Some slave owners were more loyal but most of them were cruel over toiling their slaves, beating them, raping and selling like some sort of things.   

    Nowadays, it is hard to imagine such a course of events. Nevertheless, it happened to be so and is a part of the history. There are plenty of unpleasant moments in the history of every country. Thankfully, they remain in the past. Everyone is to know and remember the history of the country s/he lives in and to keep in mind that history might repeat itself. Hopefully, the times of slave-owning are gone forever but we should take lessons out of what happened, learn from mistakes in order not to repeat them in the future. Find out more here.

     As you can see, there is a lot to talk about and to write on in your essay on African-American civil rights movement. In case of outside help, you might apply for additional assistance online.Some knowledge of historical background of the problem would be very much to the point. It is frightening the least to imagine that there were times when black people were not allowed to vote, there were laws in accordance with which black people were not allowed to study in the universities together with white people, had to take seats, which were especially for them. They were forbidden to use the same entrance doors as white people did, to eat at the same cafes, to use taxi, even to drink from the same public fountains!

     It goes without speaking that public authorities were white so they supported these rules. Black people were calling whites “mister” and “missis” while the latter were never that polite to them in return. Black people were supposed to be obedient. Their riot was something outrageous.

     Some white people were against what was happening. It became clear that development is impossible without freedom and everyone should have freedom. “I have a dream”, Martin Luther King said that “once, my four children will be living in the society where people would no longer care about the color of their skin but judge from their actions.”     

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