Writing An Essay on Greatest Accomplishments


     What is an accomplishment? It is something a person achieved throughout life. There are bigger and smaller accomplishments. Opinions differ and for somebody, a slightest achievement might be as huge as an elephant.

     Accomplishments should be measured with not what a person managed to achieve but with what obstacles this person went through. It is characteristic of any strong personality, do not you think so? 

     Accomplishment is something what required affords, either physical or mental and expenses. In order to analyze one`s accomplishments, one should turn around and think what one, at this point and time, achieved of in, let us say, career development.

     It is easier to talk about accomplishments once you are a part of a certain hierarchy system, offering you some formal requirements according to which your requirements and achievements may coincide with. For example, for a community of judges qualification classes and positions in justice system are formally professional accomplishments (Presiding Judge, etc).

     It is harder to talk about accomplishments once you are at the beginning of your professional road and are not a part of any system of achievements. You estimate what you achieved from the perspective of your personality and satisfaction with your results.

     In case less than three years passed since you graduated from the law school but it is possible to talk about your accomplishments. Your professional activity might consist of three elements: practice, science and teaching in the university.

     Accomplishments are those practical knowledge you receive taking a class in order to teach others. An ability to make different kinds of audience to understand information, to get them interested in a topic is a great deal of work. Every lesson, every seminar provided on a high level is an accomplishment.

     It is rather difficult to describe achievements of one’s own. People have achievements at all the stages of their lives, which create their life experience.

     All of us want something, to become somebody, to achieve something. A goal in life is a lighthouse without which is easy to get lost during the life journey. The way on the getting a goal accomplished is as important as the achieved goal itself. We learn a lot and it is a priceless experience. There are no accomplishments without goals.

     You may even come up with slogans and mottoes on the way to accomplishing of your life goals, which will become your achievements. There is a saying that the ends justified the means. Do you agree with it or disagree? Maybe you know anyone who follow such a principle in life in order to achieve greatest accomplishments. Our service may help you with writing or editing if needed. Thus, if you stuck and in need of ideas for your paper, you are more than welcome to apply for help.