Why Reading Is Important Essay


     Previously, we were duscussing Night written by Elie Wiesel. Were you assigned to write a close reading essay? What is a close reading essay? How to begin an essay about reading? Why to write essays on reading? Who needs summer reading essays? Why reading is important? Whom to write a reading response essay for? These and many more questions occurring your head straight away once you were told to accomplish an essay on reading.

     To start with, ability to read is a significant skill just because otherwise we would not be able to understand what is written in the books, magazines, television screen, billboards and signboards. We would not get acquainted with so many literary characters, news throughout the world, special offers and promotional events. It would be not well-informed and miss loads of things in life.

     Do you remember that book you cried after once you finished reading it? You read it like three times in a row because of liking it so much. What book was it? Do you remember? Jack London`s White Fang? Yeah, that was the book and it is a truly touching story of an animal`s survival in the wild and its adventures with people. Imagine you to not know how to read. You would never get acquainted with the author and his writing. Moreover, there are definitely more books you enjoyed reading in your life and if you had no reading skills, you would never get to know what you enjoyed of. Fancy how many more are there still to read. It is exciting to realize, is not it? Thus, the significance of reading is an undeniable fact.

     We would be unable to study and work if there were no reading skills. For most people this fact is not that upsetting to realize because they would rather rest being on eternal vacation and holidays. Some, tough, enjoy their jobs and studies pretty much and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. On the contrary, it is a pure delight to love what you do and earn money for what you do in addition. Besides, apart from working process, there is a communication with co-workers who might become friends. Our writers are masters of their writing craft! 

     Having no reading let alone writing skills leads to poverty due to people`s inability to study, pay for their education and work afterwards. Reading has also a magic ability to distract people from their troubles. It depends on the genre of a book of course, some relax and some keep on the edge of their seat.

     Reading develops process of thinking. Watching a movie, we have no ability to fancy because we see with our own eyes the characters, the scenes, the colors and objects while reading makes it to where one can imagine all that. Apart from imagination and thinking, reading serves well for ability to concentrate. Apply for help and our service will provide you with best help ever! 

     “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, or any pleasures so lasting.” (Montagu) reading gives an outlook as for life therefore, its significance is indisputable.