What It Is Like To Be A Transgender


    Needless to say that there are two sexes, which are male and female. There are people though who are both at the same time. Nearly 700,000 of transgender people live in the United States only and there are other transgenderpeople live all over the world. Normally, people treat such people rather badly. This is why it is difficult for them to get along and associate with others. There is no understanding on the part of society. They consider transgender people some sort of freaks. There are entire communities of transgender people living here and there. 

    Transgender people represent themselves as a counterculture of sorts. Both, physical and mental health of transgender people are influenced with a society and its lack of understanding of the problem of these group of people. The portrait of transgender people is pretty much diverse due to people to be of different race, economic status and ethnicity. Some transgender people choose to live taking a role of the opposite sex part-time, others – full time. The latter are called transsexual.

    The topic is very controversial and the more controversial it is, the better. It makes it to where there is plenty to write about and there is an issue everyone is able to express one`s opinion on. We learn while writing; we learn to understand others and ourselves in the first place closer; we develop critical thinking but one should not be in a hurry to be judgmental about transgender people. You might even have someone in close setting of yours who happen to be a transgender or a transsexual. At first it surely could have been a shock for you but as long as it is your close friend or someone you know and whom you like as a person, you are unable to treat the person badly. “Judge not and you will no be judged”.

     Writing an essay on transgender people might change other people`s opinion about this matter. They will stop treating them biased and prejudiced but with understanding. Quite of a persuasive or argumentative essay might come out of your writing. You may write on discrimination because for some reason, there is still sex written on the driving license. There are still toilets for men and women only but no restrooms for transgender people. In case you need some help with either writing, editing, proofreading or formatting your paper, fly to our writing service for help and you will not be denied.  Until then, let us hope for the LGBT community to live peacefully with each passing day and become equal with straight people.