What Is It Like To Have A Beautiful Mind?


    Beauty just like heroism, everyone has a definition of beauty of one`s own. What is beauty essay? It is an essay one writes on beauty, how one sees it and whom considers to be beautiful. Essays on beauty differs. Some understand beauty towards people, some – towards nature. For some, beauty is not about outside appearance but about inner world of a person, personality traits one holds. 

    To write an essay on a beautiful mind is a good idea. That is great if you were assigned to write an essay on this movie or were free to choose and picked it for your essay. There is a lot to tell. The movie is great not only because of the plot but also because of Russell Crowe to be starring and he never take part in anything bad and unworthy.

     The story is biographical. It is a drama and to write on something dramatic is always exciting. There is much more of an interest than to write on something, which has no drama at all. The more drama there is, the better. There might be arguments if that is an argumentative essay. If that is a persuasive essay, you need to make sure you provide with enough information to make your reader change mind or at least to think about it.

      A beautiful mind is about mathematician John Nash (Russell Crowe) who became sicken of schizophrenia. In your essay, you may provide with some general facts about the disease, its symptoms and ways of treatment to begin and then to write upon the movie, its main character and his case record. It must be noted that John Nash was also a Nobel Prize`s winner.  If to speak about symptoms, audial and visual hallucinations, imaginary friends are one of them. If to take a particular case with John Nash, it seemed to him that TV was speaking to him.

    It is clear that you cannot write an excellent essay out of hand. You need to think it over to make it credible and some time is required to do so. Once you come up with an idea, write it down because ideas have a tendency to fade away and you will not catch them up. Making notes is important. There is nothing shameful and nerdy about it especially for a writer. I am not a writer you might say but who knows, maybe working on this essay, you will decide on becoming one and it would be amazing.