What Is In A Name Essay


     Essay about name or an essay on your name is easy to accomplish once you collect all the necessary information upon the topic, find out about the origin of your name, about famous people who were your namesakes, whether one`s name has any influence on a person`s fortune because some say it does.

     Everyone has faced with looking through the characteristics of their names. Each name has some features a person having this name has in its character. Sometimes people who are about to become parents read carefully these characteristics in order to choose the good name for their future child so the baby grew up and became a good person with as few negative features as possible.

    Name is an integral part of life. People associate us with our names. Sometimes it might seem that some other name fits to a person we know. This person just does not look like John but like Samuel due to some features of character and/or appearance.

    Many people would prefer to have some other name instead. Some change it just like they change surnames. But in spite of the fact that sometimes we do not like our names, we still like others to call us by names instead of some “hey”. It was proven by the psychologists that the sound of one`s own name is the dearest, the sweetest sound for a person. It makes it to where we draw more attention to what other person says to us and simply have this understanding that the person talks to us directly, knows whom s/he is dealing with.

    Every name has a meaning. Some people were named after their relatives in order to honor them, some were named because of their parents to like some famous people. How many times you met a couple named their kid by a name of a famous musician like Martin from Depeche mode or a philosopher like Plato? Plenty? Exactly. Those parents obviously did not look through the meanings racking ones brains jumping to the conclusions what name to give their kid.

   Lately, it has become popular to give a child a double name throughout the world like people do on the west. They give their baby girls names like Ivanna Vanessa sort of combining two cultures into one. Have you ever thought of that? Have you already chosen names for your children? Perhaps, there is one or two fooling around you at this very moment.